I know about the dizzy spells and all but i want to know from each one who cares to share how long were you dizzy? Did it come and go or stay steady/ THANK YOU ALL.

I still have them comming and going , along with the creepy crawlies. Sometime it makes for a grand day (birdies twirling in circles above , bugs crawling around inside my head ) I think sometime a good scream of frustration would help if that didn’t bring on the headache :slight_smile: yehaw !!! Joan

My surgery anniversary is one year this coming Sept. 17th. I had a coiling done (no rupture). I have dizzy spells every day and am on sick leave right now. Sometimes I am dizzy 5-6 times a day, sometimes once. I have no warning. My surgeon doesn't know why I am having these episodes. Nothing seems to help. I found out on this board that a lot of us have dizziness, post surgery, but the surgeons don't seem to connect the dots and always look for other explanations. I am always looking for new answers to this question.

Hi Laurie...It is good to see you ... but not that you are still have the dizzy...Since my coiling, I have had many problems with balance and dizzy...after so many years the balance issues have improved...but not my dizzy spells...it has been 3 1/2 years and I continue to have issue...I went through hearing testing, dizzy testing, etc., and it continued to come back to my aneurysm location and the coils, but not much anyone can do for me...medications, that I am not ready to add to my daily's...so I learn how to cope with it...wishing you the best...~ Colleen