Just Curious......hmm?

*Is anyone experiencing dizzyness, since their coiling/clipping?

I am having dizzyness in the evenings, usually Im doing nothing just sitting there.

*Does anyone have a murmur? If so where you told it was the culprit for your aneurysm?

*How many people have had two or more aneurysms after having clipping? If so, how far apart from the first one?

*Anyone suffer from sinus headaches since your coiling/clipping?

Hi Mary,

  1. Yes, I am experiencing dizziness after my clipping 3 months ago. It usually happens from moving my head, even slightly. In fact it is extreme, sort of like just getting off a merry-go-round.
  2. Have a heart murmur since birth, but was not told there was a correlation. I was told that my aneurysm was congenital.
  3. Not so far.
  4. Headaches, but don’t think they are sinus headaches.

Good questions, it is interesting to find out what similar symptoms many of us are experiencing. Might help many of us realize that some of what we are going through is normal.
Take Care,

Hi Mary,

I too, experience dizzyness and usually if I move too fast but last night I was laying in bed and the bed was spinning! I had a coiling 4 months ago. I do not have a murmur, but do have a small hole in my heart but the docs are convinced that had nothing to do with the strokes or aneruysm. I now suffer now from migraines, nothing to do with sinus and my doctor showed me the xrays to prove that my sinus was not the culprit.

I wish you luck!


Hi Mary...Dizziness was a big symptom I suffered with until my annie was found and coiled...not I really don't have it...I do suffer from sinus headaches here and there, but the worse are the migraines I never had until I was coiled...it is my "new normal"...

Hope you have a good day...~ Colleen

we do have alot of the same nuiasance (speling) I've been having horrible headaches, I think perhaps its my sinuses, I'm using floanaise (wonderful stuff) but it keeps comming back aftter a day or two. The dizzyness is unreal. I remember telling the dr 2 yrs ago, that I feel faint and dizzy alot. It didnt seem to matter whatt I was doing. Im getting anxious I think because these where the issues I was dealing with weeks before my annie ruptured. I guess if I can't get rid of the h eadache using meds th en I should be co cerned. Thank you all for responding.

Praying for nothing but the best 4 us all!


Hi Mary,

It's been 6 months since my clipping and I also have the dizziness you describe, worse in the late afternoon and evening. I wonder if that's because the tiredness hits then. I was told that my annie is genetic. My father and half sister both had them. I worry that I will have more or my kids will inherit them....

No murmur.

What's interesting is I have had severe vascular migraine headaches 2-3 per month since I was a teenager. I have not had one since my surgery. The headaches I now get are dull, in the area of my surgery. Ibuprophen gets rid of them.

Best of Luck,


Hello Mary, hope you're well. I experienced dizzyness earlier after my clipping. My balance was sometimes out of whack.

I can get dizzy now if i over do things, so i take that as a sign to stop or slow down. I have had 2 annies.

One which was about to burst was clipped. It had a daughter annie growing along side it. I have another annie which has to be clipped also. They were both noticed at the same time, different sides of the brain. Do not get any head aches at all. The only head ache i have right now, is my ex husband.

Take care Mary, hope all goes well.

Also anxiety can cause dizzyness-- by breathing in too much air.

God Bless

Nikki xx

Lol, Nikki about your ex-husband! Thx for the laugh!

hi mary-i was coiled 3 yrs ago after sah level 5-my dizzyness is more like a drugged feeling- like i was up for 2 days- i get sinus headaches too-a pressure that sometimes pulsates,also had the ear popping- thank God that ended-i couldn't hear right. i can't see out of my left side so i can't drive. My annie was there since birth according to nuerosurgeon-not sure how he determined that!??? It seems we get 1 question answered but 3 more pop up! I think your dizzyness will subside-we'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers! have a great weekend !

Thank you all for your responses. This has helped to ease some of my anxiety of having another annie. I have learned so much from all of you and am appreciative for your willingness to share with me. I truly thank you for that. It's amazing that most of us deal with dizzyness on one level or another. I didnt have any issues for months after my annie, just an occassional headache which usualy was caused by stress (life in general). Im going to discuss my dizzyness and headaches with neuro dr when I see him in about another week, also, I will have results of eeg then as well. He was thinking the week before having the eeg to do another cta, he didnt say why tho. Again, I pray we all feel better, get better and our lives return to not as they were before out annies, but better than we could ever imagine. Thanks again. : )

LOL your ex.....

I wish you a speedy recovery for your next clipping. Is it soon? I don't know if I could handle being told I have to have another clipping. I pray your strenght, your family and friends and that you never have to have another clipping again. Not sure if you need a hug, but here's a big one just in case.

: )

God Bless

I had a great weekend Ron. I only had 2 headaches on Saturday and I had none on Sunday. Maybe it's my level of stress, probably the test and stuff? I hope you and everyone else had a great! weekend as well. Oh yea, I was also told that my annie was there since I was concieved, my dr said it's in our blueprint they just don't know what gene causes it and I still get the ear popping, more like pressure like being on a plane or being under water.

I forgot to ask one more question, Does anyone experience a burning sensation at or near the clipping site?

I've experienced it before a few months after surgery, but this is just a little different. It feels like hot water trickling down the side of my head and its slightly painful. The sensation starts at the top of my head, just above the ear, it radiates to the left and right (front of head and back of head) and then feels like its running down to my cheekbown. I will see neuro dr next week. Just wondering if I was the only one.

I have a friend who refers to her ex as her wazband.

Hi Mary, I had the clipping procedure on 6/26/12. I have a little bit of dizzyness but only if I bend over and get up real fast. I've never experienced any kind of burning in that site. I do know that I've slept with an ice pack on the left side of my head which is where the surgery was since I came home from the hospital, more comfortable that way. I don't know if that's been alleviating any potential pain or not.

best wishes to you!

dizzy, no murmur,so far nomore and headaches not sinus.