Dizzy spells after coiling?

Question. For anyone who has had the coiling procedure performed, did have any dizziness after your procedure and if so how long did it last? How long did it take you to get back to feeling like yourself? Any responses would be appreciated. I have read that most post procedure patients have experienced tiredness but wonder if there is any correlation to the dizziness. Thanks in advance.


Hi Shanta',

I think just about everyone experiences some dizziness or "light headedness" after treatment whether you are coiled or clipped. Just how much and for how long depends on the individual as well as the medications that you take afterwards. You will probably get a lot of more specific responses from members who have been clipped.

"How long did it take you to get back to feeling like yourself?" is probably the most frequently asked question on this site and this varies, too.

From your note, it sounds like your treatment has gone pretty well so far. Thanks be to God!


Hi Shanta',

My SAH occurred on May 1st, 2011 and I still have dizziness issues. It was getting better for a while but has come back recently. My neurologist was not concerned. He stated that parts of the brain are permanently damaged and other parts take over most of the time. When we are tired or stress or whatever the other parts can't take over and the deficits are more apparent. Let me know if you have questions.


Hey, I wasn’t coiled, I was clipped after mine ruptured. My surgery was Feb 6 and on April 10 I got my first lightheaded spell. The room isn’t spinning, but I feel rather off balance sometimes. Not like I can’t walk… Just like I’m swaying on the inside. I don’t feel like I’ll pass out, either. It’s just odd. It has come & gone more days than not, since then. I told my surgeon’s nurse & she said it was common after surgery. I followed up with my primary doctor who ran labs to check my electrolytes, and a complete blood count but everything came back normal. I also had my ears checked, normal & a couple of weeks later, my eyes checked. Normal vision but I’m far sighted & will be getting glasses to help with that. I just try to make sure I’m eating enough so my blood sugar doesn’t drop, and staying hydrated as to not make the situation worse! Those are really the only suggestions I can give you. Perhaps, see your primary doctor about some blood tests, call your surgeon for sure,relax as much as you can, because the anxiety of being dizzy & not understanding why can make it worse. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, small meals if you have to! But I’d definitely call my surgeon & speak with a nurse about it. I have my next follow up on Tuesday, June 5 and plan on bringing this to my surgeon’s attention. I’ll let you know what he says!

Take care!

Hi Shanta, I was about to post the same question, I had 2 stents placed last Thursday and had been really good just a bit of light headed ness but today I bent down and had a massive dizzy spell and then another not so bad about n hour later. I now feel a bit fuzzy. Do these symptoms eventually go away. Thanks Shanta, I will keep watching your threads for answers.