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Anyone else still having dizzy spells almost 2 years after a coiling?

Hi All:

I had my coiling of an unruptured annie in Sept. of 2013. It is nearly two years later and I'm having multiple dizzy (fuzzy, 'off', floaty, giddy, woozy, wooly headed) - all words apply) episodes every day. They last 5 - 30 minutes each and I usually have to lie down until they pass because I feel off balance and like I'm going to faint. It is not vertigo - I've had that too & it's better now. I haven't been able to return to work. My disability insurance is reassessing my claim in March of 2016. I've had physiotherapy by a vestibular practitioner, seen a neurosurgeon, and ENT specialist, a family doctor, anyone they've asked me to see. They all don't know why I'm having these episodes so they can't fix them. They were not present before the surgery and now they are. Follow up MRI's show nothing conclusive and no leaks. The surgery took 2 hours longer than expected with no explanation. I don't know what went wrong, if anything, or if this is just my bad luck to have a bad recovery. My focus & concentration are also affected and if I look at the computer for more than an hour or so, I sometimes see black/white waves of distortion on the screen. My next doctor is a binocular vision specialist. The physio exercises provided small, temporary improvements, but nothing lasting. I am tired from all the appointments and the expense and having such unpredictable days. I am tired of fighting with the insurance company to believe me (even though all my physicians have been very supportive and seem to know what I'm going through). Is anyone in the same boat and have you been helped in ANY way? I am thankful to be alive and surviving, but I'd sure like to feel better. I would like to hear stories of recovery and also of commiseration and support. Thanks so much.

Donna... I have found/learned that the access here below the first 'discussion' at the top seem to get lost...

You note dizziness...and, many of us have had it, still have it, to some variance in levels.

I recently posted in the first discussion "Auditory Terms..."...the list notes: Dizziness and Vertigo...which you may want to review on the strokeSTOP site... then ask your questions in that first discussion site...

Donna, I had one large annie removed and a smaller one at the same time. My surgery was March 2014. I have seen 5 specialists plus my primary care doctor. I have the same unbalanced, dizzy condition that you are having. I also lost 95 lbs from throwing up for seven months. My Rheumatoid arthritis came back on m e after 15 years. I just want to be my old self, not like this. I am tired and weak most of the time, and I don't understand why. I am happy this helps so many people, I just wish I was one of the Lucky Ones.

God Bless You,


Thanks so much for writing this. It is just comforting to know I'm not the only one with these weird symptoms. My next specialists are for vision and then hearing/balance. But we get so tired of all the appointments and very little to show for it. I wish it was a better known & understood outcome so that we could get some real help. Thanks again and all best wishes for improvement.

Yes Donna,

I very much still experience dizzyness and it's been almost 5 years since my clipping. I have heart issues and was told that my dizzyness maybe related to my vascular disease. I hear that word "maybe", a lot these days. I remember experiencing dizzyness prior to my rupture. So, I too get very afraid when I have these episodes. I find the spells are worse when I am sitting. I have no choice but to drive. I have to work. I wish I had taken advantage of the possibility of SSD. I have been told to start filing by my cardio doc and was told by SS department that I don't qualify because I am working. I worked full time for about 2 years after surgery and am now working only part-time. If you are able to get on SSD, do take the advantage of the opportunity. I'm tired too and I pray everyday that God interceeds and finds a way for me to just stay home and get well. I also hope your doctors find the cause of and treat your dizzyness.

Best wishes to you.

Thanks for your input. I hope they can help you with the dizzy spells too.

Donna said:

Thanks for your input. I hope they can help you with the dizzy spells too.

Thank you.