Disability Lawyer

Does anyone know of a good disability lawyer in New Jersey?
I can’t stand these constant headaches that are exacerbated by driving and looking at the computer - even for a few hours!!!
I need to find out what my options are.



Refresh my memory, did you have coiling or clipping procedure? Also do you know the location of the artery that was affected? I am seeking the same services for my wife as she has the same disability and from the same devices. I've done a lot of research in this area and it is a peculiar problem that is not at all understood by the medical community. Your answers to the above will be helpful in providing additional information.

Hi Dulce, I went to several lawyers and the consultation was free. I found the interview gave me the best read on the lawyer I wanted representing me. A person or firm with integrity. I would recommend you have a trusted family member or friend assist you in keeping a file. (just my opinion)The Judge wants to know why you are limited in work functionality, your words, “constant headaches that are exacerbated by driving and looking at the computer” more than the disease or trauma you’ve incurred. Unfortunately people who commit fraud or abuse have made legitimate claims harder. I have 78 coils in my head from 3 separate procedures. I know the pain and frustration of wanting life to be where it was before. Hope this helped some. Best to you, Sincerely Jerry.

thanks jerry that is helpful. i keep a log of my headaches for the neurologist and noticed that its worse when i work at the office - of course some days are better than others and the dr. is still trying ot work out the meds to see if we can stop them

were u successful in ur disability claim? is it in nj?

Yes I was successful, sorry not in NJ, I am in Florida.


What can/may any of your MDs do for you; re: your headaches / cause / prognosis?

Did you have coil treatment?

With your headaches exacerbated from looking at the screen, have you had neuro-oph testing?

Have you pulled up the SS site and/or visited your local SS office? Have you searched the 'net for NJ attorneys specialing in disability?

Prayers ...for finding the right help and you drive safely...