I'm applying for disability. Has anyone applied? Any suggestions?

I had a coiled aneurysm on September 9, 2011. And my recuperation has been ver difficult. I can’t even contemplate working or even driving. Im learning everyday how to take care of my 2 little daughters. Without my income and bills pilling like crazy. I’m not sure what else to do. Sometimes I just feel so guilty. I’m trying to see if there are any other ways I can receive support but these headaches limit me to the computer and thinking or getting my thoughts straight is hard. Our general doctor told us to be ready to fight, but why? Anyone has an experience to share or is it that difficult?

i looked into online and actually have an appt w/an attorney on the 9th.

from what i've researched, the disability people don't care so much that someone has had an aneurysm, what matters is how the aneurysm has affected your every day life afterward but we're not talking headaches and forgetfulness. it's really very sad because i've read about people who have attempted to go back to work many times but have been able to keep jobs due to memory loss, fatigue and just not being able to function properly. but it seems disability will only pay if you're permanently physically handicapped from the aneurysm.

i'll let you know how my appt goes. i'm also applying because my right knee is completely shot w/arthritis though.

Hi Patricia...

I am an at Home housewife, so blessed I didn't have to apply for disability...but one thing I have learned from others with disability, get an attorney who works with those applying for disability...they should be able to direct you on everything you need to do...also, be patient, it takes time...and they don't give it out easily...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Patricia, I was coiled back in 09 and just filled last week I am not eligible for disability because I didn't work enough in the past 15 years ( or should I say what they consider real work I was a stay @ home mom for most of the past 23 years) so all I can get is SSI...yeah I have heard some horror stories as to how long it can take and the battle it can be but WE are the Silent disability....looking so "normal" and so broken inside!

Fight you got a whole support system here root en you on!

Thanks Sue! I’ll keep you posted.

I have been on SSDI for for over 5 yrs because of lasting side effects from cancer treatment. I was turned down twice before being approved - that was before a judge and a "work specialist" from the court that decided that I could not work any job. Attorneys can only charge a percentage (or cap, whichever is greater) of what is owed in back pay from the time you are eligible (the government sets the cap and pays it directly from the back proceeds. You have to be disabled for 5 months before you can apply and you will not be paid for that 5 months. I did try to go back to work in 2009, but ended up having to quit.

I was in management for over 20 yrs, but they really don't look to see if you can still do that level of work, just if you can do any "substantial" 40 hrs.

One thing you do need is to get your doctors on your side as they will be getting all the records from them. They may also have you go visit their own doctors. And sometimes the excuse they give for turning you down really doesn't fit, but that's what they do best. Some illnesses/diseases automatically qualify - stage 4 cancer, etc., but unfortunately, with others it does take time.

Good luck - Sherri


We have both stories; I was blessed; 18 months after my minimally invasive coiling, I applied; that SS rep asked me why I waited so long to apply...so aphasias, cognition, vision and hearing loss benefited me in this one aspect of my life. It took six months for the SS neuropsych testing schedule; I was immediately placed on disability and given back pay.

Some months after d/c, a neuropsych test was given to me; it notes "sensorimotore exam deferred" and no re-scheduling was qualified. The SS neuropsych report did note that the initial reports did not include tests results.

Please go into your local SS and ask them about the neuropsych testing, and if any letter / records from your neuros will support your overall health status; i.e. the cause of your application.

Prayers for your success.


i had a ruptured aneursym on april,11,2011.discharged from hospital 5/11/2011.my family had applied for assistance for me while still in hospital.i was approved for disability after visit to determination doctor.no problem here she told me to enjoy second chance at life.one third of what i used to make but can live on it.good luck to you