NJ Long Term Disability

How does it work? I know everyone says get a lawyer & that u can’t b working, but does the lawyer handle everything? Do they test u? Do they subpoena the doctors? Ur employers?
Any info would b great!!!

I would recommend a lawyer or firm that does Disability exclusive. A lot of success is keeping all reports and documents in a file. Have a trusted friend help you with organizing all medical and legal matters. Sometimes you are overwhelmed, confused or forget things. Keep a journal, be honest and present why you can not work. Doctor’s can be very reluctant to give an opinion on Disability. Social Security Disability will have you go to a doctor or occupational therapist to test you. They deal with a lot of fraud, so it is best to prepare for skeptisism on their part. The system seemed more concerned of why you can’t work, than the medical reasons for Disability. Again, have an educated friend help you, read and research. Not to be mean, this is on you. Honest about being disabled and persistent on them knowing that. Best to you .


First, have you had the neuropsych testing already? How long ago?

You can go on the SS website to view disability; tho understand from others, it can be difficult to read / interpret... also check w/your local attorney sites and/or on the 'net to find attorneys who specialize in it...find out the cost of legal care... And, will your own corporate HR help you?

SS scheduled me for neuropsych testing and all went well...and, I did not need to secure an attorney...

Best Wishes...


I never heard of neuropsych testing - I will look into it. I know that there are alot of scammers. I was just curious as to how successiful or unsuccessful anyone has been with it.

I agree with Jerry, Get an att'y right away.

Here's what my att'y told me: Expect to be denied, they deny just about everyone the first time. There are no subpoenas for the doctors or your employer. Is what they do, they request your records. If you can, get as many of you medical record that you can. This helps your att'y to start working on your case. He/she will also requst from the social security office a copy of all of the records that they have gotten. There is very little work that you have to do, the att'y does it all. To pay them, the att'y gets up to 30% of the back pay S.S.D.I. will owe you.....when they win your case.

I have a good att't and he says he won't have any problem winning my case but,... it is a long wait. The courts are backed up. Probably from denying everyone. They don't always order new tests. However, the more evidence you have to back up your claim, the better. Feel free to ask me anything you like. I'm in proccess of going through this now.

Ben (that’s my son’s name :slight_smile: – how long has it been since u started and how much time has passed? r u working right now?

Dulce...I am not scamming....OK...smile... I just typed a few sentences... likely scammed a wrong key...Poof...it was all gone...or someplace in FB space...forgive me...and smile..

Ben left good suggestions on your med records...determine the dates you need covered...from start to current ... secure the clinical data , i.e. angios. other images, tests, that backs up med records... Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...often a breath-taking picture may not tell the whole story...

Try to find time to stop by your SS office; they truly were so helpful to me... perhaps you can get thru testing before you need an attorney. I am not being negative about their expertise; it seems that brain damage needs to be viewed better... my personal opinion / interpretation...

If some other sentences arrive somewhere...that's just me...

Please keep us posted...


its been a year for me and they say it could be another year waiting to hear my case im in fl,they said no twice to me so far.its a pain.we will see what happenslinda