Where do i start on my disability?

I had a ruptured aneurysm on 3-6-2012. I was in CCU for 10 days. Im home now during my recovery phase. My job prior to this happening was accounts receivable which is a high stress job. Doctor releases me to go back last week but I had a total melt-down and havent been back. I also have a long history of depression and anxiety, which of course is full blown even taking medication for it. My problem is, the doctors that released me said since all the tests said I recovered so well, they wouldnt have a leg to stand on as far as all the after effects Im having. I dont feel the same. Crying a lot, a lot of anger, shortened attention span, constant pain in my right leg where blood leaked into my spinal fluid, questioning more than once if I did something I was suppose to do, scared to drive because my reaction time isnt like it use to be, suicidal thoughts. My doctors told me to go to my general practioner that has been treating me for my anxiety and depression. I dont know which way to go.

Hi Amy,

I am very thankful that your surgery was a success but I am so sorry to read of your difficulty returning to work.

Since, I rely on my PCP for almost everything, I would encourage you to call your GP and make an appt to discuss what you are experiencing. Please make notes of your experiences and triggers so that you can help to clearly communicate your problems.

May God bless you.


Thank you so much Carol. I am so glad I found this website. Now I dont feel so alone.

And God bless you

Hi Amy...I think you need to consult an attorney that deals with Disability...also, know that Disability can take up to 2 years in most states to be approved...so be patient and don't give up...also, talk to your GP...and see what he/she suggests...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

No Nikki, I was not

Colleen, I called an attorney that was referred to me. They say he is really good. But I was told I would have to apply on my own and then he will appeal it if it is denied. Looks like I am going back to my GP again.

Hello Amy I applied for disability for my mother after her aneurysm ruptured. I put in the paper work right away while she was still in the hospital recovering and it took almost 6 months for them to approve her. But I will tell you this keep copies and notes of everything you write down cause they will call you back a few times asking you days & times of procedures and test that you got done or about to get done & there's also a lot of paper work involved. Even at one point they sent her to a psychiatrist to evaluate her & to see how she was doing mentally. And just like you she was having melt downs and going through depression right after but her neurosurgeon did tell us that it was normal for her to feel like that & that eventually she will feel better which she does already. Stay strong Amy I know this is a lot for one person to go through & to have to deal with all the paper work after everything you've already gone through doesn't make it any easier. But don't lose faith you've already survived the worst and by that you are stronger so dont let the rest defeat you. Big Hug Amy*

Amy, welcome here and prayers that you continue to get lots of feedback...

How did the doctor give you a "release" to go back to work? Was any neuropsych testing done?

What happened that you were in CCU (coronary care) for ten days? (I was in CCU for 2 days between two of the minimally invasive procedures)

What was your total time in the hospital? (mine was 18 days)

What has the HR in your company done to advise / assist you? (I was independent w/WKCP)

SS does/did have some reg on being disabled for five months b4 filing for disability...I so hope you can talk to them soon to qualify that... ask about neuropsych tests. SS scheduled me for those, and the scheduling took 6 months. I did not need legal assistance; and, there was no cost to me for the testing; once tests were done, approval was instant; w/back pay (the whole story is too long here now).

Look for alternatives to driving...there is public a/w/a personal safety; also check w/your MD/facility and check your State site on driving...a website to help is www.iovs.org/cgi/content/full/50/2/577 that is geared a lot on vision status / requirements...if my memory is together, this site lists the states...two most common vision terms are: hemianopia (aka hermianopsia) and quadrantanopia...

You and your doctors are the qualified people to decide/recommmend what you need done...

My personal opinion is that you see your oph for testing and ask for referral to a neuro-oph... reaction time / coordination can relate to vision functions... .

Prayers for each item to fall in by steps for you...and that you have family/friend support.


I went to a General Practioner today and he basically said he wasnt qualified to evaluate me and that I need to see an Internal Doctor.

To Pat:

How did the doctor give you a "release" to go back to work? It was verbal.

Was any neuropsych testing done? No

What happened that you were in CCU (coronary care) for ten days? I had an aneurysm rupture and they had to airlift me to a local University for emergency surgery.

What was your total time in the hospital? 10 days/8 in CCU

What has the HR in your company done to advise / assist you? Theyve been very understanding and after I ran out of vacation days, they are still paying me 20 hrs a week. Ive been out of work now for almost 2 months now.

Do I have to have a Doctor to say Im disabled or can I file for disability without it? Noone seems to want to help me. I have medical insurance as of now but barely any income, just bills piling up!

Amy I have to write later..I got side-tracked (subjects zip my thoughts) and, I just cancelled / deleted what I had started...please bear with me...


Most GP's will avoid anything but short term disability forms simply because insurance companies badger the hell out of them regarding their qualifications. Specialist are more appropriate for you although it is difficult to get an appointment with a Neurologist without a wait.

You should start the process of filing a Social Security Disability application online. Their decisions may take quite a while. Depending on your income you might consider a county welfare program to atleast help keep food on the table and other things they could help you with. Once your SS application is filed, you might want to visit a local SS office and inquire if you are eligible for SS Insurance assistance. I believe they have a program that allows you to tap into your disability funds while you await their decision. Any funds you receive would ultimately be deducted from your retirement funds when you indeed do retire. This would be a last resort but as we all know, "any port in a storm."

Good luck.

Jo, we do suffer PTSD... recovery varies a lot...based on our TBI / TTBI ...


TBi/ TTBI.? Please define


It is virtually impossible for me to imagine someon returning to work after rupture/treatment and especailly w/coronary care. Sounds like you have a great employer/employee benefits program; and/or they value you highly if they did not require a med record for your disability pay from them. Many thanks for their blessings to you...

When I was corporate, we had an excellent benefit program, tho it did require the med status.

File SS w/o ... there is a release form for you to sign for SS to secure your records. I do not know all they get; however, I do know my neuropsych report was included; SS put me thru their neuropsych testing; I have begun to wonder if that was for comparison to, or verification.

Research the SS website; it was, likely still is, that we had to be disabled 5 months before applying. If it is the same, you have three months to get it ready. After your initial review of the SS site; list any questions you have; visit or call the SS office. They generally have long lines and heavy schedules and a wait process.

Who is "no one"; i.e. family/friends, social services, a state agency, your HR (who may be doing so much already), etc?

You have so much response from members, as we did prior, I wonder if there is a SS Group site (never thought to look)... w/all the info on denials, appeals, need for an attorney (who also needs to be paid)..

What keeps surprising me is that those of ischemic stroke have organized recovery processes that those of us w/hemorrhagic stroke did not/do not have. I do not know if the Stroke associations (names?) have data for hemorrhagic stroke recovery guidelines. Those I know w/ischemic stroke are family/friends (their relatives)/work associates.

Prayers for each step to your recovery, and to researching / preparing app for SS disability in advance...