Depression after clipping? Anyone?

Was wondering if any one had depression after being clipped?? It's been 8 months since I've been clipped for an un-ruptured annie.. and depressed at times..


Hi, as you might imagine my answer, my wife went through about 2 years of depression although she wouldn't admit it at the time 1994 through 1996. Some how she resolved or learned how to manage it without prescriptions. We were just looking at a Dr's note from back then where she reported to him her experience with Ritalin. She stated and he wrote in the notes that the patient "reported that the Ritalin trial was like drinking Pepsi soda so if he didn't mind she'll just stick with the Pepsi instead."


There are so many many who have gone thru depression; and, little to nothing is to the potential causes of it....and the diff in clip or coil... when the neuros make the presentaton for a patient to select the process of choice...a big decision. Of course, there are some locations where only one of them will work.

Hugs and prayers for your greatest recovery...

Hey Princess, xoxo

I have anon medical reason for depression after clipping or coiling.. We all have been thru one or the other and the most unexplainable thing is knowing that someone has been in your head. When clipping is done it's also knowing that someone is not only in your head but has also cut it open.. The feelings that one has as one is being wheeled into surgery I do believe has a major effect on us.. We can't explain to anyone around us for them to understand, that is something that I do believe weighs heavy on all afterwards.. It's like your body & your brain react in different ways after, the trick I feel is to have the brain try to become friends again with the body. I don't know, I could always be wrong but hey ya never know, I could be right.. :-)

I'm here for ya!! We are all here for ya!!

If ya feel bad today just remember tomorrow could be better xoxoxoxoxoxo

Mrs. Unique :-)

Oh and don't forget...Coffee helps too..Hehe

No too muchl and, try a 1/4 tsp of cinnamon in it....

Wishing you a Happy Easter...


I was coiled Princess...and felt very depressed for months after surgery...not so much anymore...but i do have some moments...Have you talked to your Doctor? Perhaps they can help with some make you feel better...if not...perhaps the Newness of Spring will help you out...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

I have depression from the rupture- I hate it- I have nevered experienced before-

Hi Princess,

I had my aneurysm clipped last August. I have been feeling depressed as well, which is something I never experienced before this surgery. It seems to get worse if I feel stressed for a couple of days. It's hard to go to school and work when I'm feeling lousy. I have not taken any medication for it, but if it continues, I will probably ask my neurologist for SSRI or something.

I have read some empirical research that reported that it's completely normal to feel depressed after having brain surgery. The effects usually last a year, and many people do benefit from taking an antidepressant.

I hope you are feeling better and take care of yourself. Take Care :)


Hi Princess, I'm not sure what kind of meds you were put on to stop brain siezures. I was supposed to have a clip put on but when surgeon opened me he ended up wrapping it with some skin he took from my temple on Jan. 30 this year. I didn't remember anything for 2 weeks after being discharged but following week I started noticing a mood change. The meds I was put on was Keppra. It had a bad depression but worse it hit my aggitation. Before I could get med changed I was very depressed but worse It didn't take much for me to become violent. It was at the point I had no control over my temper. Hope this isn't your problem but like me can check the side affects of meds. Best of luck :)

I've had issues with depression off & on for years, but my AVM wasn't found until last April & my aneurysms were located while treating it. I had Gamma Knife Radiation in June 2011; 2 annies clipped July 2011; another GK in December 2012.

I started taking an anti-depressant in October (partly to help with migraines) & it has really helped regarding my sleep and stress levels (and, therefore, my migraines). Sleeping better + my nortriptyline prescription + a conscious effort to focus on the positive & to not let myself wallow in the sadness has helped me tremendously.