Major depression after clipping an unruptured anuerysm

Is it normal to have serious depression following clipping of unruptured Annie? I am 68 yrs old and had a 7.3 mm Annie clipped Aug. 12. I think I have done extremely well in terms of recovery except for the fact that I am extremely fatigued with no energy or interest in doing anything. I never leave the house. I dread having to leave. I live alone with my two little dogs. I am worried that I am becoming so reclusive and antisocial. I think I am going to die all the time and don’t feel like myself. I don’t feel as sharp cognitively as I used to feel. I feel like it takes me a lot longer to get things done and to learn new things and that really frustrates me that I am so dreadfully slow I in processing things. I didn’t have a rupture. Is this normal to be having this 4 months after surgery? Donna

Hi Donna...I think the answer is your question...most of us are diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) after going through and continue to go through this journey...that being said...don't need to talk to your Doctor and/or get out to a support group..."Baby steps"...

Please don't suffer alone...just talking this out to the right people...Bless your will be in my prayers ~ Colleen


Yes Donna, it IS common to have deep depression after such an invasive procedure--many people do experience depression , and like you it might not creep up on you til several months after the fact. Do not go this alone ! Please speak with your doctor and don't be shy about it! This is completely normal and completely treatable stuff, I realize its not something anyone expects to have happen to them and getting to the first step of getting some help is probably more difficult then agreeing to and having a clipping done ! You already see the signs of this over taking your life, so now the next move is to say "no more BS", see a counselor and begin anew. Don't let that clipped annie win , Donna.

Peace to you, Janet

Hi Donna,

Colleen said it very well. It has been over a year since my rupture and feel everything you are feeling. I am on antidepressants but don't think they are working for me. Talk to your doctor defiantly.


Donna, I agree there is a bit of depression after and it definitely comes and goes later. When I was released from the hospital I was afraid to go to sleep. I was convinced I would never wake up. I was on email constantly with my neuro surgeon that I wondered when the heck he slept. It is hard to find someone out there who has been through brain surgery and I felt my "friends" probably did not really what to hear how I was doing. I think going back to work kept me busy and then finding support groups helped me. It helps to know you are not alone in this. (By the way, it has been two years, I'm doing great but I still get a bit depressed and feel totally alone sometimes, and that is okay, just part of the journey) Carol

Hi Donna,

In 2012 I had 1 ruptured annie - coiled, 3 months later my 2nd one ruptured during coiling, I had serious depression (mainly due to my physical limitations) I thought I'd fought trough it -- WRONG! I got on meds, and I'm doing much better, so please check with your doc, nothing wrong in asking for help!