Post clipping surgery anxiety and panic attacks

Emergency clipping took place two months ago. My neurologist said I was doing great. After 3 weeks home, I have no “physical” symptoms, but I am having panic attacks, and periodic overwhelming bursts of crying. Has anyone else experienced this, and have you found something, or someone to help. I guess it’s a bit like post traumatic stress. Very frustrating. Any suggestion are appreciated.

hi Margo- I just wanted to say hi and I think it is PTSD. Please discuss this with your dr-don't be ashamed or embarrassed- you have been thru so much. From what I read crying is a good thing- it releases the penned up feelings of sorrow, sadness, self pity etc etc. At any rate we will be sending good thoughts & prayers to you and yours~

I had SAH last physical symptons either but have suffered severe PTSD since. I am currently on zoloft and a mild anxiety med as well and have seen a therapist a few times, unfortunately I am still very depressed. I acutally wrote a post asking for help just last week wondering if anyone had seen a neurophyscologist as opposed to just a regular therapist. Im thinking about trying that route next.

I can sympathize with you 100%...its a horrible feeling to have survived something so horrific only to suffer mentally afterwards.

Best of luck to you!!

Hi Tessa,
Thanks for responding. It’s always good to know others have similar issues.
That is what I was wondering too. If a Neuro Physchiatrist would make sense. I prefer no drugs, but though this type of Dr. would have more experience in assessing the problem. I just feel like it’s a side effect of the surgery.
Maybe others on the forum have experienced this too.