Dental work and medications

Hello, I had a couple questions, I had a rupture and clipping about 19 months ago. I am now very cautious about what kind of medication I take. I know I cannot take aspirin anymore. My doctor also told me to avoid advil and cold medications. Does anyone know of other medications someone with a clipped aneurysm should avoid?
Also I need some dental work done and I’m wondering if local anethstetic, or any other medications the dentist may give me is safe?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Robert, I ruptured and was coiled. My dentist has me take an antibiotic an hour or so before he even has my teeth cleaned. My neurosurgeon was very happy with my dentist’s decision. I had my first cleaning about five months after I got home, it was time. I think my mom drove me. Everyone was worried back then about anything and everything. Once you get past the two year mark, it’s much better, worries are not so much