Dental premeditation

I am 6 months post clipping and wondering if I need to premedicate with antibiotics before dental work.

Not sure what kind of dental work you are having but I had a wisdom tooth pulled.

My dentist gave me penicillin just before he pulled the tooth and a prescription for home.

I have read some dentists do the meds and some don't. I guess it depends on the work.

I was 10 months post clipping. Hope this helps. Jeanne

I am 6 months post clipping. Having cleaning and a tooth filling. Thanks, Jeanne


If you are still on Med's it better that you ask your neuro what is OK. I had a pipeline stent and I wasnt allowed to have any interventions until after my 6 month Angio.

Jennifer x

I have antibiotic before dental work because of a heart murmur. Didn't know I needed because of clipping. It has been 10 yrs. Doc. never said anything about it. I would tell the Dentist.

Not needed!

Hi Jennifer. I had that procedure done about 5 weeks ago. I assume you mean the penicillin. I took the penicillin for 10 days and all is fine now. My only other meds is the verapamil for the post-op migraines. I never thought to check with my neurologist, but it is better to be on the safe side like you said.

Hi Millie and I have wondered the same ... again not really getting a good answer from doctors...recently I went through a root canal with no antibiotics...I am allergic to so many antibiotics...that unless I have an infection that is known ... no one wants to give me I guess that makes it an easy answer for me...~ Hope your Doc's can tell you if you need to premedicate and/or not...~ Colleen

Hi Millie, I am 4 months post clipping. My neurosurgeon said it was not needed. You might still call your surgeon to clarify, as each individual case might be different. Hope this helps, Mary