Clipping and dental work

Hi all, I have a dental appointment that will include x-rays- it just now occured to me--should I tell the dentist about my aneurysm clip? Any input is appreciated...I also sent an e-mail to my surgeons nurse- I am so not used to this.....

My dentist's office always asks about changes in my medical status, so when I went in for a cleaning & checkup last August, I made a note on the form that I'd had a Gamma Knife radiation treatment for my AVM & had two aneurysms clipped earlier that summer.


The x-ray should pose no problem but do let your Dentist know you had surgery. If you have post surgical headaches just ask them to keep the light concentrator focused in your mouth and away from the top of your head. I find the Dentist unpleasant enough without the prospect of a headache. Enjoy! (tongue in cheek humor).


Update---Thanks all, heard from my surgeons office--no concerns at all regarding going to the dentist (in relation to the clipping---)... so I have no excuse not to go---hahaha

HI Dana...I was coiled...and I must tell you the first time I went back to the Denist...I gave him my medical sheet I have prepared for me and let him know I have the coils in my head...I must tell you ... it was the best thing I did with him and made me realize how important it is to tell all, infact, my Gastrointestinal Doctor told me it is important now for all Doc's to know...because each is responsible for keep me healthy...

Hope all is well in your world...Cyber~hugs Colleen

Thank you, Ed...Fortunately, I do not have post surgical headaches- at least nothing an Advil won't cure!...and not often enough to be of least that's my thought- although I have to wonder if I just didn't heed the "signs" of imminent rupture--I guess it really is no matter at this point--it's just the way I am...Take care, I hope your wife is doing well (what is her name???)--Dana

Hi Dana,

Lori is her name. Although she's become a Powerpoint graphic artist wiz, she dosen't socialize much (at all) on the internet because of the migraines it triggers if she look away from the screen.

Hope your Dentist appointment goes well, I had my visit today and I think we scraped most of me from the ceiling!

I would definitely tell them about the clip. It may scatter x-rays and make it look like you have cavities that you don't have. That opinion has no basis in knowledge, just thinking of the possibilities. My dentist wanted to check with the surgeon before he did a small filling, to see if I should have antibiotics first. I don't know if aneurysm surgery leads to prophylactic antibiotics like hip replacement does.

Lisa H., Dr. Lawton's nurse, told me the clip should have no bearing at all with dental- no antibiotics needed.

ask your surgeon if you need to pre medicated with antibiotics.