Dental work after coiling?

Has anyone about needing anti-biotics before routine dental work?

i'd like to know as well because i have a broken molar that needs repair. it was put off due to the aneurysm.

I was told by my dentist that if I get coils I would need antibiotics before any treatment.

I went for a routine check up and told my dentist I thought I read something about dental work and coils. He wrote a prescription for my return in a week - like 4 pills before seeing him. He said maybe it was similar to artificial parts in the body and loose particles from cleanings would be attracted up to the coils - magnetized !!!

Antibiotics are strongly urged for those having had joint replacements for each of their dental procedures including cleaning.

I had clips sorry I can’t help I wasn’t told anything about needing antibiotics or anything.

Be sure to talk with your dentist before going back into dental care...

YES . I have to take 4 500 mg pills of amoxacillan 1 hour before any dental work for the rest of my life .

check with the surgeons office i had to ask also.

I just had a tooth pulled (Dec.), before the dentist would take it out she said I needed antibiotics. I had clipping last November. Not sure if this was a one time thing or not. I used to take them before going to the dentist because I have thyroid failure but that stopped about 2 year's ago when it was said that they found that you really don't need them.

i have a prolapsing mitral valve n had to take antibiotics prior to any work including cleaning..nuthing about coils tho

Wow ,,, really ?? I have been a dental assistant for years and never heard this ,,, I will have to check the journals about this one ,,, pre med rules have changed i know that,,, but i did not know about the coils ,,, and I have 51 of them !!!!!!! My dentist has never mentioned premed to me at all ! and she knows about the coils!

I will check with my Denist in January, I have a broken tooth and donot know what to expect...when I had any cleanings, I didn't need antibiotic...Thanks for the information....! Colleen