Day 16 post op for ruptured aneurysm. Still unresponsive

My 23 year old son is battleing with a ruptured Basilar artery aneurysm. Today is day 15 post sutgery and he has been having difficulty with his intracranial pressures and now his lungs are struggeling. He has yet to be evaulated for his neurological deficits due to complications. he is posturing and we are told this is not a good sign.

Thank you

where is urson being treated at? you need to demand he be evaluated…have they went in to coil the rupture or a stent? it seems they should be able to do something to relieve the pressure, and to this day have never heard of lung problems related to a rupture,is he conscious? im sorry to be asking so many questions but it helps to have more info in ur situation to best be able to giveu answers…will keep your son in my prayers to gain strength n healing to regain a beautiful life…God bless

Noel. I am praying for your son. Have they considered a shunt?

Thank you, I am not sure, but I will ask.

So many thoughts and prayers go out to your son and the rest of you, his support!

He is so young to have to deal with all this :-(


God bless you! You and your son are in our thoughts and prayers.

My thoughts and prayers are with your son and family

Best Wishes


You are in my thoughts & prayers.


Please know that your son and you are in my prayers...!


My thoughts and prayers are with you x

My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Stay strong even though it is sooo hard!!!


Prayers to you all...and that you have someone beside you for your support during this time...

I support Michelle's questions to note surgery...was it clip or coil? If coil, which arteries were used for access? Was the size of the aneurysm, the rupture (subarachnoid hemorrhage) volume explained to you?

I have no knowledge/memory of lung condition being addressed by others; however, our lungs can react to conditions in our system...

Was your son in coma from the rupture and transporting to emergency?

Please ask the neuros every question imaginable... remember to take paper/pen to help you remember... Prayers and hugs to you

Prayers going up for you and your son!

Question, Shelly: How dangerous is having the shunt? Better than not?