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Hello everybody,

An update on my Nan.
We went to see her today and are told she is suffering from vasospasms and she isn’t responding to the drugs as well as they’d like. They said basically this is serious. She is still on light sedation and 35% oxygen as well as antibiotics for fluid on her chest (which they are draining) and a temperature. Can anyone shed any light on this? I’m not giving up on her they gave her a 20% chance of making it through surgery so I know she’s a fighter. Any answers would be appreciated, please pray for her.
Love Ellie xxx

Hi Ellie~i had fluid build up in the lungs also which cleared up-sah 3 yrs ago, and been ok since. Luv your positive undertones- keep the faith- i know you will. and we'll definately keep her in our prayers. Thanks for the update

Thankyou Ron. I don’t like this doctor who told us this because one of them tells us therer will be without a doubt some complications but this doctor doesn’t shed any light on overcoming the problem. Its so frustrating. Did you suffer from vasospasms? Thankyou for your kind words. Love Ellie xxx

hi Ellie! not sure about vasospasms but they did put a shunt in, hopefuly chat soon-xoxoxo ps- remember think positive!

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My friend is also having moderate vasospasms after coiling of ruptured aneurysm he has high blood pressure and cholesterol he had another procedure to stop the spasms but I’m not sure it worked is this normal

We were told to expect vasospasm from day 4 until day 14, and my wife had exactly that. She usually had balloon angioplasty to treat it. One day they tried only some kind of medication, and that was not sufficient. So the day after they tried medication and balloon angioplasty again, and that worked better. So, yes, some procedures may work while others may not–probably depends on the person and conditions. But after day 14 they abruptly stopped, just like the doctors said they should.

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