New symptom

I have a 5mm aneruysm behind right eye. The last few days, off and on, the right side of my face is tingling. I just read that this is what they call a secondary symptom caused by pressure on the surounding structures. Does anyone know if this is a sign of rupture?


Hi Deanna...You should call your neurologist and tell him/her what you are experiencing and that you want to be seen...we cannot determine a go call...

Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers...Colleen

I had tingling (more or less a burning sensation, mild sunburn, for a while) on my right left side of my face about two years ago that prompted me to go to the hospital and find out what the heck it was.. After the initial MRI/MRA they found an aneurysm in my right MCA (Middle Cerebral Artery) bifurcation, but it was totally (so they say) unrelated to the aneurysm and the tingling just subsided and I never had it again...very strange. Perhaps was a warning from higher up powers to seek the hospital and find out I have an aneurysm. As of today, I still have not treated it, just watching it and last evaluation on an MRI in December showed no signs of until then.

I am baffled, but in your case, not sure, maybe it is pressing on the facial nerve that runs near the nerve bundles of the auditory and 8th cranial nerve.

Hope you can find out what it is.


I have alwys been a procrastinator. I am calling on Monday. And thanks for the prayers.



I'm sure your right about the facial nerve thing. Calling dr. on Monday. Thanks

So glad to hear it Deanna...

I know often we hesitate because Doc's aren't always recepitive to our "aches and pains"...but I say..."rather be safe then sorry..."....Gotcha in my Thoughts sweetie....!

Rest and take care of You....Hugs colleen