Tingling sensation in head and face

Good morning. I have had tingling Sensations in my head and face ever since I had my subarachnoid hemorrhage in February I had coiling done has any experience this???

hi alicea795, yes my fingers and face also tingle, my leg also sometimes. its scary because i keep thinking im having a stroke (i also got 2 stents so eventhough im taking blood thinners, theres a hightened stroke risk) but since i had some of those sensations before the surgery they told me not to worry. it is more often now though, actually a few times a day and i also worry a little.
do you lie a lot? i thought thats maybe why i have this, that i dont move enough (im a little over 2 weeks past my coiling, so im still resting a lot)… did you speak to your doctor about it? i cant really help you, except tell you that i have it too and distracting myself, walking around the house or taking a little walk around the block also really help me… i hope youll feel better soon, all the best, olivia