Coil procedure

What should I know about the coil procedure? I am scheduled to have this done on July 1 and I am very nervous. What should I expect and what is recovery like?

Hi Kimberly,
I just had one they attempted on my anuerysm on 6/21. I recovered after a week. Because the coil was not successful I am not sure if that had anything to do with the recovery time or not. I don’t think it would because they attempted to place the coil but it would not adhere, so for all purposes and intent, I did have the surgery. I had slight pain at the incision site of the femoral artery. The only issue that has been really bothersome is where they placed an art line in my left wrist. It is still bruised and painful. Where is your anuerysm located at?

My aneurysm in is the “circle of willis”. Do you have to have the clip procedure now?

I was told about having fatigue for up to 2 weeks after and I have a problem with that now.

That is where my anuerysm is Kim. It is a harder area to reach with a clipping. Coils usually work well in these areas is what I was told. However, mine did not take. It has been 1 week for me yesterday and yes I am still fatigued, I just want to sleep. I don’t know how much of that is from the surgery or the stress knowing that I have to have another surgery.

Hang in there. Are they going to try the coil again?

Hi Kimberly,
I had my annie coiled on June 3rd of this year, everything went really well. Coils and stent took. Was in the NSICU overnight and released the following afternoon. My IR wanted me to get up and walk as soon as I could, It was just the hallway in the ICU but felt good. Groin was tender for about 2 weeks & no baths or pool for about 10 days!!! To this day I still take naps, if only for 45 mins. When the procedure was done I was still recovering from an SAH from Feb 25th, I had just got to the point of not taking the naps as often, even if it’s just to lay down and rest I feel that I have to do it to be able to continue my day!!! Now I’m able to workout as I please, as they recommend at least 30 mins of cardio exercise 2-3 times a week, to help improve blood flow.
Hope I have helped some, if you have any more questions, just ask…
Take care

I had mine coiled in May, my groin didn’t even hurt afterward! I had some headaches but they give you meds. I slept quit a bit afterward. Had some confusion due to the swelling that was disturbing but went away. My main problem was post-depression and dealing with the reality of the situation, but this web-site helped me through that and now I am back to work and “normal”…I actually forget that I even have one until someone asks me how I’m doing or I get around smoke or caffeine (and know that I have to avoid those two things like the plague.) Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi I had mine coiled june 1 …Actually I had no pain afterward, but 2 days after mine my artery they used in the surgery broke open and had a huge lump in my leg they had to put this strap on it for 7 hrs…but no pain from surgery good luck…

Hi Kim,
Checking in to see how you are feeling? I hope the coiling went well for you. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. ;0)

Kimberly Komos said:

Hang in there. Are they going to try the coil again?

I had the procedure July 1. There was a second aneurysm found but that one is small and outside the dura and they are not worried about it. My groin is pretty sore but getting better each day. I started getting “spots” in my left eye after the procedure, aneurysm was on left optical artery. The spot varies, florescent, grey, metalic looking, long and bent in shape. Today I was doing more, and am so tired and feel slightly dizzy and headachy today. I can’t shake the feeling that if I do too much or move head too much something “bad” will happen. I still feel like my thoughts are not sharp. How long does it take to get back to normal?

Hi Kim glad to see you updated…was worried. I had mine coiled on june 1. I know the exact feeling being afraid they also found a second aneurysm on me and said the same thing it was small and contained or something like that…my brain was foggy for the first week…then each day i started feeling better. I dont think the nervousness will ever go away for me though…im just so afraid i will get another one and it will burst… but im alive…

Hi Kim
I have had two aneurysm stented and coiled last year. And this year had more coils added because one of my aneurysms is very big and the coils condensed. I was put into a twilight sedation. I had a headache for a few days. Had to lay flat for a few hours. I have had 10 angiograms they put a "plug"in tha artery. I also have sone trouble with my eye stripes drive it crazy they said it’s scaring on the eye from the surgery. It is a very stressful time and when I need a check up I get nervousness. This web site has been a real encouragement for me to know other with the same condition. Hope your feeling better today. Linda

I am having an exam with an ophthalmologist today because of “spots” or stripes in my left eye. Still having headache, especially if I cough or sneeze. Still not much energy and still having that dizzy weird feeling, like I can’t think straight feeling. It has been a week since the procedure, since the doc said “completely recovered in a week” I thought I would be feeling better by now.
It sounds like you have been through alot Linda, hang in there.