Recovery after coiling procedure


I had my coiling procedure on my 10mm aneurysm on 17th December. The surgery was largely a success but they couldn’t fully coil it.

What I wanted to ask people was more on the recovery side. I was so stressed and put a lot of emotional importance on the procedure. I went and told everyone I loved them, I made sure I reconciled myself to the fact I was having brain surgery and would be sick over Christmas.

I feel I’ve made really good progress with the physical side of the recovery apart from fatigue. However it’s more the emotional side I’m finding tougher. I had put myself under so much pressure over the surgery that I am really conflcited over how I feel now. I keep thinking it was only 10 days ago I had this surgery and now I’m up and walking about. I thought I would be in bed fighting this and now I’m up. It’s a strange feeling. How has your recovery after a cooling gone?

Also I was sure this surgery would be the end of it but as the aneurysm couldn’t be fully coiled so they may need to do a stent.

I had my life on hold for this aneurysm and now it’s just feels like it is still on hold. I suppose it just feels like an anti-climax. As I’ll have to wait for the post op follow up, angiogram and then possibly even more surgery.



Sarah, I'm sorry that you are feeling so down, but I do think that is a common reaction, especially since the coiling wasn't 100% successful and you are facing having to go through another surgery.

I had my coiling and stent in October 2011 (only the one surgery - yay). I was up after the 1rst week for longer periods (the fatigue would put me to bed a lot), but it was also the headaches that had me down for the first few weeks (these were alleviated completely about a month after the surgery). I found that everyday I would get stronger, but in doing more I became fatigued easily. Some people have the fatigue well under control after a month, however, I was not one of those people - the fatigue lasted months for me. For me, it could also be that my back was injured somehow in the first day or two at the hospital and I also was terribly out of breath for months.

Your feeling that your life was on hold prior to the surgery is a perfect description of all of us, but so many of us (at least those whose annies were not ruptured) were able to put our lives back on line at some point afterward, unlike you.

Are you having headaches? When is your post op followup? I hope you know more after that appt. Take care of yourself - at 10 days post op you are still recovering.


Sarah, I don’t know about going through the angst of deciding to have the surgery. Mine ruptured and my first helicopter ride ensued:) I did have to go in for another coiling 6months later. but I believe (which means don’t quote me I had brain surgery) it was due to one of the lobes near the top not being filled or something like that and Doc went back in to coil it. I had a multilobed aneurysm originally. But with the second coiling, it was more like okay I have to do this and didn’t really dwell on it. I saw it as a small thing and I don’t sweat the small things. I’m beginning to understand maybe it was a big thing, but I guess I’m choosing to keep it small in the realm of my life experiences. My partner saw it as a big thing and perhaps had more fear the second go. Afterwards, when I got to go home the next day, we were both in a little shock. I did the happy dance!

In my recovery, I’ve become a talker. I was the person who would quietly sit back and enjoy the conversations of others for the most part. I figured I talked enough at work and really liked the peace of just being when I got home. Now it’s like I can’t turn the switch off and the biggest thing is letting those I love, appreciate and respect, know it with words.

You are not your aneurysm. You may be spot on that its anticlimactic. Lead your life the way you want, but heed your limitations set by your doctor :slight_smile:

It is hard to balance brain surgery with just walking and talking. What a gift we have been given! I would really encourage you to do some mindfulness meditation just so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the emotions. Knowing only relaxation breathing, Dancermom introduced me to the concept and from that we have a group and I found a local cardiac surgeon who teaches it every Spring here in our small county!