Coiling stories, please

I'm scheduled July 2nd for a coiling on my 5x5x5mm aneurysm. The surgeon has decided to "watch and wait" on the smaller one. (3x3x3mm) Not sure why he decided on the "watch and wait", as he was giving me this information right after my angiogram. I was in no real condition to ask questions at the time. Anyone else on "watch and wait"? More importantly, how do you feel after the coiling and what kind of recovery can I expect? Your stories are extremely helpful and I greatly appreciate all responses. Hope to hear from of you soon. Thanks.

HI Joan ...~ I had a 9mm leaky basilar artery tip aneurysm coiled on November 30th of 2010...On Tuesday, June 12th I go for another angiogram checkup...had one after 6 months from coiling...also, I have an aneurysm behind my left is 2mm...they are watching and waiting...if it grows each time of angio...they will make some decisions...usually those have to be clipped and at 2mm...the risk is higher for Doctors and I do all the right things to avoid rupture...

This is a long journey and everyone is different...I have headaches and neck pain on the right side since being coiled...this I call my "new normal"...and count my blessings everyday...

Healing is different for everyone...~ around 6 months ago...I really could say I was starting to look and feel more myself...

I found this site to help me so much ... and staying as positive as possible...I was blessed to have a wonderful and loving husband and good support group...that will help in recovery...

God Bless...I will keep you in my prayers and you keep us posted...Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way ~ Colleen

Thanks so much for responding, Colleen. Your words are comforting and have helped me put things in perspective. Yes, everyone's case is going to have it's own outcome and I always try to stay positive about my situation. Since my surgery isn't until July 2nd, I have some time to just go about my "normal" life...the anxieties should start up again about a week before. I intend to stay positive that things will turn out fine. The BAF website has been a godsend!

Good morning Joan, I have had one coiling operation and one coiling and stenting, the first coiling was done after a rupture and took me a while to recover however the second coiling and stenting was done in March this year and the recovery has been good, I also get headaches and need to rest lots to feel on top of things but apart from that all is well. Jill xx

Hi Jo! Left you a message earlier, but now it's nowhere to be found! So again, thanks for the tip about the "upcoming procedure" group. I would never had known it was even there. I've read some of the stories, but still have plenty to go. All are helpful. Looks like just about everyone experiences headaches. Seems to vary from person to person, so I'll just have to wait and see what happens after my coiling. Also, it seems fatigue is a common side effect. That should be easy enough to deal with, I hope. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Oops..almost forgot...found and read your blog. It was very informative with some much appreciated humor thrown in!! Keep up the good spirits and I will definitely be doing the same! Take care, Jo. Joan

Hi Jill! Glad to hear you are doing well. I pray for an easy recovery. Seems headache and fatigue are very common, but vary from case to case. Guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes. Still, it's very comforting to know there are people out there that can help me to put things in perspective. I appreciate every story and especially appreciate the input/feedback I've gotten. Thanks for taking the time to respond and I hope each day is better than the one before! One day at a time! Take care, Joan

Hi it gets will want to get the "show on the road" seems like it takes forever ... and the mind just plays so many tricks...don't suffer with anxiety in silence...I had never taken a xanax is my 45 years of anxiety was so bad Joan...and no one on the outside knew this ... I told my neurologist ... and he gave me xanax ... when the anxiety was so high ... I would take 1/2 and relax... it really helped me...along with many walks with the just helped through that rough time...God Bless ... Colleen

Hi Joan, although we are all lucky to be survivors I consider my recovery one of the most fortunate. Coiling 6 months ago on a wide necked 6mm anterior communicating artery, one night ICU for observation and NO side effects at all! I almost feel guilty ( but ever so thankful) as so many people do have ongoing issues. I do have a 2mm Annie that is in a location that never bleeds so my neurosurgeon isn’t concerned. I have 2 year old son and am 12 weeks pregnant with our 2nd- been given the full go ahead;) sometimes it good to hear the good stories too! God bless you! Heather

Hi Heather! Thanks for the response. One of my 2 aneurysms is a 3mm on/at the anterior communicating artery. My surgeon says we'll just "watch and wait" for that one. Coiling will be done on the larger 5mm aneurysm located on/at the pericallosal artery. I was still on the angiogram table when the surgeon told me his treatment plan, but he didn't explain why for the "watch and wait" one. And I was a little woozy and didn't think to ask. Overall, this was good news to me and your story is also good news. Would love it if I could be discharged the next day!! Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you continued good health. Congratulations on your growing family!! Joan

Hi Colleen! I already take medications for anxiety, so I think I should be okay. But you're it gets closer the meds I take may not be enough. I'll keep Xanax in mind. Many people have said they take walks to help with any emotions they may have. Both before and after surgery. About 6 months ago I bought special walking shoes/sneakers...maybe it's time I broke them in! lol Can't think of a better reason. Again, your input is greatly appreciated! Hope you are doing well and take care. Joan

Hi Colleen,

Thank you for your warm welcome. I am not sure how this site works. I have 2 annies. One is 4 mm and the new one which was found last yeas is 2 mm, it is I guess behind my right eye. I am going for a CTA in a week and then will get a 2nd opinion. I have been to MGH Dr oglivy but I would like to go to B and W just to see some one else. My Mom died at age 55 from an aneurysm.

I hope you continue to do well.


Hi Trudy! Try Dr. Malek at Tufts Medical Center. I am very happy with the care I've received so far. I'm scheduled for coiling of a 5mm aneurysm on July 2nd and the 3mm one is going to be a "watch and wait." My mother also had an aneurysm at a young age (42) which resulted in a massive stroke. We're so lucky to be able to find them before they rupture! Good luck on your search for the doctor you're most comfortable with.

rupture may 5 2011 9 coils . the rupture tself was what was harder to recover from . I went back 4 months later for more coils but instead they gave me a stent . I went home the next day . bruised up pretty bad groin was sore but overall I was great . went back again may 11 2012 for more coils to the same annie it was never completly filled but woke up finding out he couldn't get them in . so I told them well then i'm going home and I did I went home the day of that sugery i figured if there wasn't anything new in there then why the need to stay in the hospitol . again groin was sore and I was bruised up pretty good but i wasn't on plavix this time around so the bruising went aay alot sooner . Put it this way not adivesable i guess but I was riding my sons dirtbike 2 weeks after . now if they had put more coils in i wouldn't have done that . you will be picking purple glue out of your hair for a couple weeks . the second coiling i had a monster bruise on my calf I had to use crutches to get around the third recent time my left arm was very sore all from the impulse monitoring needles . I did have a couple headaches that i took meds for .

Hi will also be amazed after surgery when you you notice everything around is very enlightening...Have a beautiful day...Colleen

Hi Trudy...This is a journey...and I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time when you can to get a 2nd opinion...mine was leaking so I wasn't able to do this...after my upcoming angio...and my other annie that is behind my left eye and 2mm...on too am getting a 2nd opinion...

So sorry about your mother...but you are embracing her memory sweetie, by doing something about your aneurysm...and she would be proud...~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Hi Joan,

I know that July 2nd seems like a long time to wait and I hope that the time flies for you. I had two strokes in April and the 2nd one landed me in the hospital for 6 days and that is how they found my 4 mm aneurysm and they decided to operate two days later. That was April 18th and I am actually going to go back to work on June 20th. I thought I would be back to normal at the end of April but have learned patience is a virtue. Lots of fatigue and bad headaches. I have learned to listen to my body and joked that I became my cat for the first 6 weeks after surgery as I slept all the time! It helps to reduce screen time as your brain heals. I made that mistake of playing on my Nook, watching TV and texting at the same time thinking "well, I am on the couch resting..." Give your brain a break and it returns that favor!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Pam- Thanks for your story. I'm definitely going to heed your advice to "give my brain a rest". I pictured myself sacked out on the couch, watching TV, and possibly using the computer. Probably would be a little too much of a strain. Guess I won't know what I'm capable of until the surgery is over. Not looking forward to the headaches. (seems to be the most common side effect, along with fatigue) Maybe I'll get lucky and have NO side effects, but I kind of doubt it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're feeling better each day. Joan