Coiling Unruptured Aneurysms

Hi All,

Now that I've made the decision to have the recoiling (or additional coils) on my 11mm aneurysm, I'm curious about a few things that probably only other coiling patients can answer. Since my last coiling was based on an emergency situation because it was a rupture, I really shouldn't rely on what I went through in 2006 to what I will experience, or not experience in March.

Baring any complications, I'm told I'll be in the hospital overnight and that the pain I'll experience won't be any different than a regular mostly pain in the groin. Been there, done that....several times! Not pleasant, but certainly tolerable.

Will I be more tired than usual? What about more severe headaches in the days immediately afterwards? I know everyone is different, but I'd be curious to know what others have experienced. And it may either comfort me or scare me! LOL

I'm feeling very confident with my decision to have the coiling. It's an aneurysm that has already ruptured and in a span of 4 years since the original coiling, a problem has developed, so I'd rather not let it go and monitor it. I'm working, I have good insurance, I'm relatively young, and in good health, I'm not having any symptoms and I have a loving husband who is more than willing to be by my side through all of this. 'nuff said.


Hello Heidi~

I had a second coiling porcedure a month after my initial emergency coiling for leaking/ruptured 10mm BA. I had to have additional coils put in on the second time, same location. Don't really know why there was a second attempt other than it was a long surgery the first go round and they didn't put a stent in either time.

Not to scare you but on my second surgery (coling through the groing like you will be doing i think) I was in the hospital ICU only one day and released to go home the next mid-morning. I had some bad experiences with this go round, woke up on the ventilator, severe headache that they didn't give me enough meds for until I begged all night, (they didn't want to drip me since they wanted to send me home the next day). They released me and as I walked out of the fifth floor of the hospital I was still vomiting. The procedure wasn't bad and the true after affects were not too awfully bad, I think that I should just have had an extra day in ICU and allowed to come home after that. The recovery after went well - I still have a 2mm neck on this one and only annie that I am watching - hoping not to go back for a third time or a stent.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact for any more. My thoughts are with you!

Hi Heidi...

I had complications, but not due to coiling...coiling went well...however, I was in Neur~ICU for 7 days...anyways...I was told I would have headaches from coiling for about 6 months...and tired would be my middle name...and yes...I have headaches, but since the first few weeks...they are not everyday ... but every few days ... they are bad... but I try to catch them quickly...and very tired, but could also be from other I think overall you just have coils and nothing else...happens...all is well in a few days to weeks...I do know I hear alot of echoing and have a droopy eye...and told they have nothing to do with coiling...hmm??? Never had either until the dumbfounded on both....if you are relatively healthy...all should go great...

You have all our support and prayers...Hugs colleen

Hi Heidi

Ive had one coiling, w a stent also. Id say that i was pretty tired for about 7 weeks - or i should say that around 7 weeks i started feeling lots better on a more consistent basis. Headaches were there, and a couple were bad, but more just there more days than not. But around weeks 7-8 I really turned a corner and felt like myself again, energetically and emotionally. I'm now 3 mos out, and (knock wood) i haven't been having headaches anymore!!! just a small annoying one that was more related to my cycle. Also, plenty of people feel better even faster than I did - I had a bad cold going in, and became really anemic and needed blood (i have an underlying anemia anyway), so I think those things contributed to me feeling so tired after. Plus major anxiety!

i think you'll be just fine and recover easily.

xo Jennifer