Coil complications, surgery, more aneurysms

How long does it take for surgery sutures site to recover? and especially when the site became infected by a waterborne (from where??) bacteria? Unfortunately, my ruputered coiled aneurysm 2 1/2 years ago, grew again, so i went thru the clipping surgery a month ago. My 2nd aneursym on my brain stem is the same, not growing, so that's great. The neurosurgeon did find my left carotid artery was frayed and had a hole in it, a 3rd aneursym I guess, which he stitched and saved my life, again. Not sure why that didnt show up on tests before, or what caused it. Short term & other memory problems, low energy, bummed emotions, worse left eyesight, sleeping 10-12 hours, all made worse by anti-seizure, heavy duty antibiotic, and pain killers, done with those soon! Those of you who have gone through the surgery, how long did your head, scalp, suture sight hurt? thanks for reading and understanding :)

My biggest fear...that my coils aren't working (still haven't occluded) and I will have to be clipped...

I think my take on the clipping...and sounds like you had many complications...healing can take up to a year or and get well ~ my thoughts go out to you ~ Colleen

Hi Karri,

I've been pondering your post for the last coupla' days...something tells me the frayed left carotid artery with the hole in it ...may have been the result of a prior procedure (?) which would surely result in other negative symptoms i'd imagine.....How is it that they've decided you wound up with an infection thru a 'water-born' bacteria..? is there a specific test to find such a thing out? You poor thing, its hard enough to start the healing process without more BS thrown your way! I didn't have any sort of of site infection on either of my clippings, but I can tell you that the 1st clipping seemed to heal differently than the 2nd one I had in 2010....1998 it seemed to take a lot longer to get my head back to 'normal' my incision as well as the left topside of my head and left forehead area was literally numb for years afterward--not painful though, just super numb. the clipping in 2010 was a breeze compared to the 1998 surgery, I seemed to heal faster and had no residual numbness (maybe due to having stitches instead of staples? don't really know)

I'm sorry to hear of the infection long after getting your clipping did the infection start in..right away or acoupla' weeks after? hopefully you'll soon be infection-free and thus the pain will have diminished i'd think greatly once the infection is healed...are the anti-siezure meds a new addition to our regimen? I know they can make you more tired then usual, I was on them for only a few days when released from the hospital in 2007, all I know is I slept alot once home!

Peaceful healing thoughts your way Karri, listen to you body and get lots of rest... Janet

Hi Karri, mine didn't realy hurt until they took of the sutures, boy that was worse than the surgery itself. I did get very protective of my head, when outside, I would always wear a hat, had this paranoia about bugs landing on my head, mosquitos, etc. So for almost a year when outside I would wear a hat, and they have just the cutest ones out there too. After awhile that's all people noticed,all my cute hats. I never got any infection at all. Thank goodness. I'm seeing my new Neuro doctor here in Ohio where I moved too and see if new changes are going on. Feel better.

Thanks Colleen, Janet, and Sandra, for your words of encouragement :slight_smile:

No problem, that's why were all here. Together we learn so much from our experiences. Thank You !