Re-coil anyone?

Hi Everyone,

My husband had a bleeding brain aneurysm June 21 2010. had the nice ride in helecopter, surgury, hosp stay ect... blood pressure was 248/198 ..they told him he is a lucky man that he made it... 42 years old.

Seemed to make a full recovery within a few months besides minor things as getting crabby easier and always cold.

He went back on Tuesday for his check-up tests. They found the coil was really impacted. So he will be on plavix for 2 weeks then have surgury towards end of this month. Is anyone familiar with how long the surgury is? (I will ask doctor on monday I just forgot) Also any other info? Iam sure it varies for everyone.. He is really last time it was not planned! Thanks!

Only just had my first coil surgery but from looking through older forum blogs etc, there are loads of peeps out there who have had recoils and recover so much quicker than initial procedure. Sure someone with experience and first hand knowldege shall reply soon but until then have a looksie at old stuffs for a little reasurrance. Helps me


Karie, It is grand to read your husband's treatment / recovery status...that is overall wonderful... even with the need for some follow-up.

I have read many differences on treatment/results and f/ups. I get confused on the term surgery...when not addressed w/clip or coil. I grew up in treatment w/the idea that coiling was so beneficial due to the non- or mini-invasiveness of it...i.e. no major surgery; but the minor surgical access thru the femoral artery to reach the aneurysm for coil and/or stent placement. I am assuming you mean coil addition; please forgive my thought lapse; part because I know some who had surgery/clip after coiling...I do not know why's/needs.

When you see the dr on Monday, please ask about your hubby being cold; if he has any reactions to cold temp; and, if he may have any loss of sensitivity to sun/heat...I have extremes to both; know others react to cold.

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day and prayers for your Monday meeting and hubby's follow-up.


Im sorry, I should have put the title "recoil anyone" in the main question too.

actually he does not meet with dr again today I was just going to call there today to get an idea of how long re-coil surgury is. I agree he is very lucky to have recovered so quickly!! Thanks for the replies!!

My hubby went for his pre-op yesterday, everything was great till he got home, then they called and said they found a “spot” on his chest on x-ray! Made an MRI appointment for 8AM Monday. Makes for a long week-end. Doctor had told him at appointment in most cases when someone has one aneurysm their is usually more…so he is really worried now. His re-coil is scheduled for end of this month. If anyone has had a re-coil from impaction please comment. thanks!


I thought stats (even in the BAF website) says apx 20% of us may have more than one aneurysm....I may have read it wrong...But, that is confusing when talking of his chest... does the md mean the aorta?

Prayers for you thru the weekend and for the best results Monday...