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I'm from Canada I found out I had a brain aneurysm in November 2013 from 2 CT scans.

It's 1 inch long,I'm waiting to see a neurosurgeon and more than likely an operation.

My question is what is the downtime after surgery and long or short term side effects memory,numbness,speech ect.

Any advice or support would be appreciated,I find the whole medical issue quit overwhelming.


Hello Stephanie,

As you've likely already heard...its hard to say how each and every one us will fair after a procedure on our brains..but...I can tell you that I had pretty good recoveries on all the procedures i've had to date (1998 clipping for unruptured Post communicating artery annie on the right side, an Sah for the Post communicating artery annie of the left side...subsequent coiling, shunt, trache 6 week coma, then when the coils compacted in 2010 had another clipping) ...On the clippings I can't say that recoveries were easy but I can say each was quite different from one another, the 98 clipping was rougher due to having optic nerve involvement/ doubled vision and the fact that the surgeon had to cut thru my jaw muscle on the right side to gain access, but the double vision was gone within 4 to 5 months and within about a year I didn't notice the jaw muscle issue...the 2010 clipping was by by far easier to recover from as there was no pressure on my optic nerves and the surgeon didn't have to cut thru the jaw muscle, so those two things sure simplified matters. The coils I had absolutely no problems with, until the coils compacted sending me into the hospital (3 years post Sah) . I never had any problems with headaches after any of my procedures, so I'm very fortunate. as for 'down time', the 1st clipping was 4 to 5 months before I could drive again, the 2nd clipping was a cakewalk in comparison and I was driving within a week and a half after surgery.

I understand what you're saying about the medical world being overwhelming--it is that for sure--but that's whats so cool about having this website to go to, I wish it had been around when I was doing my "time" so to speak !

Peace, Janet


There are so many parts / pieces to our brain...the anatomy...the area(s) where the aneurysm has developed...and, then, for treatment...whether the minimally invasive coiling / stents or open surgery...

What did the doctor advise as to: which cerebral artery...and which segment of it...and, which direction (side of artery) the aneurysm has developed.

The size/shape of the aneurysm...and the size of the neck of the aneurysm...the common aneurysm is the saccular shape...and, there are other types...(blanking on my memory here...smaller percentage of the fusiform and some other names)...

The access arteries to reach the aneurysm...whether open surgery or the minimally invasive...w/the minimally invasive...the terms like the tortuosity of the arteries...

Then, the cranial nerves that can/may be affected by either of the procedures...

When researching, go by definition then by anatomy...Yes, it can all be overwhelming...You are blessed that you are alert...and able to research...

From what you find relating to the artery of your aneurysm...prayers that you can develop your list of questions to your doctor a/w/a from other members here...

As for Recovery...many of us have been given the run-around vs they do not exist...from this site, we know we have many symptoms...before the luck of even getting diagnosed before a rupture, to numerous issues post-treatment...whichever one...

Stephanie, I have no expertise...just my experiences... I was so unfortunately given the minimally invasive procedures...and, Janet mentioned her coil compaction as well...

Wishing you the very best in developing your questions and staying in touch...

Prayers for a grand care New Year...


Hi Stephanie ... have you seen the surgeon yet...what did he/she say to you...

It is hard to say how long it takes to heal...because a lot depends on area of brain aneurysm, type of surgery, complications, etc.,

If you haven't seen the surgeon sure to ask ... when they tell you what procedure ... "Why they choose one over the other" ?... Good Luck and keep us posted...~ Colleen

Hi Stephanie, I had my surgery for a unruptured aneurysm in July. I am actually 6 months today! I had coils and a stent (Pipeline PED) device. Mine was done by going up thru the groin area. I was back to work in two weeks. I was in ICU one night and went home the next day. I had some head aches in the area of the aneurysm for about 3 months. Now I don't really get them anymore. My 6 month angiogram is coming up on Monday. God bless. Deb

Hi, Stephanie, I'm sitting on the other side of the table from you - I'm the Mother and it's my daughter waiting for her MRA and then surgery. Just wanted you to know I read your post and will add you to my prayer list with the others and my daughter.

I have had three major surgeries recently none of which were brain, but I can tell you that recovery is a journey and you just have to be patient and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. My biggest mistake was trying to push, first exercise and then activities. If your body tells you it's tired, rest or sleep - be gentle with yourself and BELIEVE that everything will work out it just takes time. I know it we live in a very hectic world and we worry about returning to work, taking care of our families, etc. but you must come first for awhile so that down the road all will be well. I had some minor knee surgery and they told me up and going in about 3/4 days - wrong.. After seeing them for a follow up and complaining that I was still in pain etc. the response was "oh well, everyone is different and some recoveries take much longer."

So, be patient and wishing you a safe surgery and a speedy recovery


Hi Deb,

My appointment with the surgeon is in February,I don't know what the outcome is going to be,but the receptionist says he's not considering it urgent,so like I told Pat I'll take that as good news.

Thank you so much for your reply and information.


Hi Mary,

Thank you for your prayers,you will also be in mine. I will see the surgeon in febuary and will go from there.

Waiting is always the hardest,take care and thank you for your reply and thoughts.


Hi Pat,

I got my phone call today to see the neurosurgeon in February,he's considering it not urgent so I'll take that as good news,like I've been telling others that are responding to me.I'm so happy to have found this site the response from people is comforting,and i don't feel so alone.

Thank you for your


I just had my surgery 11/25. The first 2 weeks were really rough but it got better from there. I was lucky & had little side effects. I am still REALLY tired, the littlest things luck my butt. In the grand scheme of things I guess I can live with it!! You have to listen to your body to know how you’ll recover. Good luck

One thing I learned from my surgeries (different kinds than brain) is that anesthesia can cause great tiredness just by itself and it lasts for while. I also learned that I had to give myself permission to give in to the tiredness and to realize that, as my body healed, the tiredness would go away. Do not get depressed about it, it will pass in time. When you're tired, find a cozy spot, cover yourself with a warm blanket, play something soothing or get a machine that plays the rain, ocean, wind and REST, REST, REST! Oh, make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin D, very important (of course, clear with your doctor first!)

Spring is coming, but not for about 12 weeks - just hold on to the thought of how much better you will feel by then.