Cleveland Clinic

Hi everyone, its that time again. Going tomorrow morning for an MRI and doctor appointment to see if any changes in my 5mm ICA aneurysm. Then it will be time to decide what I will do. Been watching and waiting for 5 years in July. Tired of playing this game. I feel like my life is on hold and have been getting more stressed knowing I have this thing in my head. I believe it is time to fix. Doctors want to coil but I am going to ask about the PED because of wide neck of aneurysm. If you are a praying person please pray God will give me wisdom to know what to do. I'm almost sure I will be getting it fixed but I am waiting to see what the doctor says before I make my final decision. Thanks for listening. I'll let ya know what I decide.


Hi Deanna...good to see you...and yes sweetie you have my prayers...and Good wishes for tommorrow...

I am told Cleveland Clinic is a wonderful sure to have all your questions ready ... to help in your decision...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers Colleen

hi Deanna-best of luck tomorrow-praying now for the best scenario(if ped is best fix then so be it) also for quick healing and recooperating, Please remain with Deanna and her medical team Dear Lord and let her issues be few & minimal -Amen. Thanks for sharing-i appreciate the time you gave & appreciate the oppurtunity to share & pray with you-God Bless you & yours. God is great-keep the faith

Thanks Colleen. Got my questions all ready. I am really happy with my doctor. He is very caring and experienced in what he does. Deanna

Thanks for praying, can't get through all this without them. The Lord has blessed me with many praying friends which I am very grateful. Thanks again, Deanna

Hi Deanna,

My prayers are with you. It seems that you're ready for the appointment with your questions and having a caring doctor.

May God bless you with discerning.


Hi Carole,
Thanks for the prayers. This afternoon I got a call from Cleveland Clinic telling me insurance wouldn’t approve my MRI. Told me they were doing what they could. Asked friends to pray. Got a call at 5 saying still not approved but I kept appointment anyway. My husband said maybe God was testing my faith. He was and I past the test.Got a call from insurance company around 7 telling me it was approved. PTL

Hi Deanna,

This is great news! What a blessing to have this worry out of the way when you go to sleep tonight.

May you be blessed with good results tomorrow.


Yep, getting ready for bed soon. Appointment is very wary and have 54 miles to drive. Hubby is doing the driving.
Good night. :slight_smile: