Prayers Please


Going to Cleveland Clinic tomorrow for my MRA and to see the doctor right after for the results.

If there is any change in the aneruysm I will be having it fixed. I'm still unsure of what to do if there is no change.




You have my prayers...Keep us posted sweetie...

Cyber~hugs and prayers your way...Colleen

Good luck and prayers coming your way! Cleveland Clinic is renowned, so you are in good hands. Had my 12mm unruptured annie fixed with the Pipeline on 11/21/11 and I feel fantastic just two weeks later! Keep us posted, but know you are in our thoughts and prayers for a positive prognosis and outcome! (((HIGS)))


Hey Deanna,

Good luck tomorrow..Thoughts and prayers are with you...



You are in my thoughts and prayers Deanna;)

Mine has gone from a 2mm to a 5mm in three years.

Thank, Colleen I will try to post results tomorrow.

Thanks, Cece. I’m glad your doing good.

Thanks, Kimberley. Hugs to you too.

Thanks, Heather.


Good thoughts and prayers your way! Good Luck tomorrow and please let us know!


Deanna: Best wishes for tomorrow. The right answer will be there for you and I'm sure the docs will help you decide what to do. I understand you're probably hoping it didn't change but then again, hoping for a change and have it treated to be done with it! What a position to be in. Good luck, Mitch

wow, your a smart lady. You must have heard me praying this morning. I couldn’t have said it better myself. That is exactly how I feel. Thanks, Mitch.

Gotcha on my mind and in my prayers this morning Deanna...!

Any update...still praying!


Got back around 6:30 and just finished my dinner. There is no change. It is still 5mm. Doctor said this was good news for most but because I wanted to get it fixed regardless of size it wasn't all that great. But after listening to what he had to say, I have desided to continue to watch and wait. Which I am really getting sick of. Will be tested again in a year. (maybe) Now I have to try to forget that it is there so I can get on with my life. Eaiser said than done. And thank you for the prayers, I could feel them all.


Hi Deanna

Glad it hasn't grown...and you could feel our prayers...we were reaching out to you...

I am sorry if I am having your repeat...but where is your annie located...?

We are here for you to help getting on ... Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen


It's located on RCA. Behind my eye. Thanks for being here for me.