I had aneurysm clipping in March and am not yet able to go back to work. I had 1 week of paid time off which helped with April, but now, I have NO income at all and need to come up with $1000.00 this week to pay May rent/utilities. I have asked everyone I know for help and have tried the resources from this site. I am terrified and desperately looking for referrals/assistance or help. I live in Montana. Does anyone know of ANY group or individual assistance that I can try? I am scared(terrified) of losing everything this week while still trying to recover.

ANY thoughts or ideas? I'd love the panic and crying to stop :-) thanks Chris

I wish I could help you. I am in the same situation. Friday foreclosure procedures will start on our home if we don't catch up 4 months of payments. No one helps any more... before my husband lost his job and I was in a car accident which developed my brain aneurysm,we gave all the time, helped people out all the we are in need "friends" scattered like cockroaches. I pray your needs are met. In Jesus Name Amen

Camille…thank you so much for your response…I am sending many prayers your way that God will keep you safe in his arms and bring you a miracle…I have been a social worker most of my life and like you give and give and give. And thenwhen we might need helpno one does and I know this economy is tough…but I guess I just wish that people were more givingwhen they are able.I will pray for miracles and blessings and for God to intercede in our lives this week Chris


Have you called your local office of Social Security. While Social Security Disability takes quite a long time to muddle through, I understand that SSI is more immediately available. That is the extent of my knowledge on that subject and it just might help. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this.


thank you Ed…I had not thought about Social Security. I will contact them tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful week… Chris

This website should get you started. After applying talk to your caseworker and see if there are any other programs she/he knows about that might be a benefit to you. Although you are still employed you might (I am not sure) be able to collect unemployment benefits. Look into that. My prayers are with you.

Thanks VJ…thank you for putting the website right in your answer…that makes it much easier for me. I did apply for unemployment & they are still “reviewing” my application…I hope you have a wonderful day chris


Almost every one of us goes thru some version(s) of the financial impact...and major changes in our VJ and Ed provided great resources to begin not wait...

As for your rent...(any other credit source/bill)...have you talked to the landlord? Private or corporate? If any others, i.e. car payment/auto insurance, a visa, etc ...If you have and talk w/their credit offices...b4 they may come to you...Even when you go back to can/may remain late/behind in payments...depending on your income to what you have and any bills that may need to be caught up... What are you doing for food? Are your sons with you?

Do you know/expect when you can return to work? Have you had your surgery f/up? Can that be done in your city or must you return to the place of your surgery?

Hugs and prayers for each step...


Pat…I am overwhelmed by the depth of caring of the members of this support group. I have already started with the ideas and suggestions from VJ and ed. I am fortunate in that I only have rent car and medical insurance & utilities to pay. I did qualify for food stamps and I am able to eat. my landlords have been exceptional and have given me until the 16th for the past 3 months instead of the first.the utility company has been much less gracious.
last monday I did have to return to seattle for my follow up which was quite frustrating to drive for 16 hours and incur other expenses 4 a follow up that lasted less than an hour total but I try to understand their point of view. I was released to return to work with limitations. and although the limitations are minimal I will probably be unable 2 return to that job for a number of reasons.
thank you so much for reaching out to me. Your support and hugs and prayers mean the world to me. chris

Chris...OMG...just the gas, sleeping over (hope to hellth you did not drive w/o rest/food) ...

RE: "that job" you know them well see if you can sample returning to you sense/feel/succeed on what you were trained to much will depend on if you are on or off their employee list/records...

Did the neuro-docs suggest neuropsychology testing? Can you ask for that? Altho, you may not sense/feel differences in how you see/sense/feel/read/hear...if no change from may not want or need it done...

Prayers for each step of your way...