Back To Work- More Challenges-Would Love Feedback

Hi there and I hope that today is a good and pain free day for you!

I am 9 weeks post coiling. I just returned back to work, working 5 hours shifts. I work in a Call Center which includes a lot of screen time and multi- tasking, I also have the benefit of working from home half of the time. My fatigue and headaches had decreased a lot so I felt that I could go back. After every shift I am completly exhausted and have a headache about 3 hours in to each shift. Last night the headache was so severe that it compared to the headache that I experienced after my stroke in April. There were no other stroke symptoms so it could have been a Migraine ( which I developed after the coiling). Has anyone else experienced this when returning to work after feeling ready? I have a very supportive company and could take more time off if needed but I really want to ease back into my life...

Thanks so much, this site is a true gift!

Hi Pam,

I’ m delighted to know that you’ve gone back to work but sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain. :frowning:

What type of headset are you using? Does it go across your head or just over you ear? Do you have an ergo advisor who can come and readjust your work station?

In my experience, ergo problems, especially those impacting your neck can make you feel as though you are having Annie related problems. I had to change headsets , more than once, when I was working to avoid pain. Desk height vs keyboard height, vs monitor height and the type of mouse also play an important. Sometimes, an adjustment of a quarter inch can be the difference between agony and comfort.

Are you doing any stretching exercises during the day and getting out of your chair periodically? This will also make a big difference in how you feel.

Please work with the reps at your company to see if making a few adjustments make work life better for you.

Please let me know if you have questions about equipment that might be helpful.


Thanks Carole, that is a good point. My headset goes across my head and the headache I experienced feels like my head is swollen, so that may be the culprit. Ergo is a good point as well. I also work from home so need to look at my work station. I do not have a set station when I go into the call center but my company is so amazing, they may help me with this. I am a bad stretcher so thanks for the prompt.


Hi Pam,

I have RSIGuard software on my computer at home to remind me when to stretch. It has exercises that you can choose from to fit your needs as well. You may want to look into it. My employer put it on all of our computers. You will be amazed at how long you will work without a break if not prompted to stop.

Good luck!


I have been considering reducing my shift to 4 hours. I am now at 3 hours into todays shift and the headache has started. It is nice to hear from you that time reduces that. I also have blurry vision and feel dizzy at times. computer is all I do but I am also going to request that I do not work live chats with my company for awhile. Too much concentration for the recovering mind!

I always appreciate you feedback and know that you have a lot of knowledge!