Australian Fund Raiser!

Hello everyone!

I have only recently joined and i have found this site to have some of the most caring, supportive and helpful people out there for this terrible illness alot of us have suffered through.

One year on and i have decided to take part in a Fundraising event. Given the nature of this site i'm not exactly hunting for donations here (but feel free!) what i'm searching for is support! Obviously its happening in Australia so its more geared for my home (but there are alot of aussie on here) but if you can help spread my cause through any means of social media or web pages it would be a big help and ultimately help my chosen charity continue their research into all aspects of the brain.

On the 7th of April at 5pm (AEST) i will tee off along side my father (who will be supporting Legacy Australia) for 24 hours of continues golf play, hence, 2 for 24. Below is the links to our official facebook page, and also our donation pages.

Thank you again and anything, even just a simple message of support will mean the world for me, this will be one of the hardest things i do but i know with the support and understanding of especially the people on here i know i can help make a difference,

Kindest regards, Dan. (The Brain Foundation) (Legacy)

Hi Dan, have you contacted any radio stations or tv stations for some support and free advertising. I am gld you found this site. We all understand what it is like. Good luck I hope you raise heaps. It is not widely publicised but aneurysms are very common in Australia, and they can & do run in families I lost a brother & I have a sister with 2 small Annie’s, I hope your family is aware of this.
Good luck enjoy your golf.


Best wishes to you for all you are doing...Lynn noted radio/tv...please also consider a local newspaper...

Enjoy your every way...


Yeah we were meant to go on 2GB on friday but the whole government falling apart kind of hogged the airwaves lol hopefully this week and we're hoping the local paper will do a write up about it too :)