Support for a survivor!

My sister suffered an anuerysm 8 years ago, she is now 37. She is in a wheelchair, lost use of one arm and cannot read or write. She has a great sense of humor and is, at times fun to be with. Because we had to place her in a full time care home she is very lonely(I am her only sister living in Toronto).I am wondering if there is anybody else in Saskatoon that fits her description and is also looking for a friend. I wish there was some kind of support group out there. I have offered to pay for a service to come in and take her out for a coffee or shopping, but she declined the offer. She has a computer and likes Facebook, she likes to play the games, and is quite good at them. Even a couple of facebook pals would be great. Any suggestions would be great, how can I put a little bit of fun back into her life?


You are remarkable looking for steps beyond all that may have been done, and/or are available.

What about other groups in your sis's area; i.e. stroke association, TBI, Hydrocephalus, etc...always some similarities in brain injury...even when the cause is different.

Is there any possibility for her to be transferred to a facility closer to family?

Can she smell /taste coffee?

Have you introduced her to this FB site? Even at that, we all wander on/off...based on our activities...

Best wishes to you for all you are doing...


Thanks Pat, I never thought about looking at other associations. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that.


i wished i lived closer…i would love to take her with my daughter and i on a lunch date,she sounds like awesome company to keep…unfortunately i live deep n the heart of texas,dallas texas that is,if you can post her fb page i can request her as a friend,yall are lucky to have one another,God bless yall

pat i looked for this fb page and no success,do u have the address/url? thanks

Thanks Michelle, That is a good idea! I will post her F/B . Just knowing there are other people out there that understand what she has gone through would be soooo great for her.

God Bless you to.

Michelle...let me apologize...I do not know what you mean... I am still struggling learning FB... beyond these basics...same in my regular FB site location...

Recently I got onto one friend site...and, do not remember how to get back to it...

My old long-term memory works fairly well, and, I could/can still do my old fashioned email readily...except for downloading pictures because that process changed... new to me.

Yes, it is so frustrating...


My Sisters name is Janine Moore, she lives in Saskatoon, Sask. Her e-mail is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Thanks everyone.