Event Ideas

Hello! I'm starting this discussion because I would like some ideas on how I can help raise awareness and funds for The Brain Aneurysm Foundation. So far I have raised awareness and funds through a memorial page and through an event that I did at my workplace. I plan on holding another fundraiser at my workplace come September. I have emailed the Vice President and my state representatives on the importance of making September National Brain Aneurysm Awareness month. I also have a blog dedicated to this subject and to my own grieving. Does anyone have any ideas on what else I can do to help? It doesn't matter how big or small the idea, I'm open to everything! I look forward to any ideas! Thank you!

hi caitlin,

you can always check out the events that are along the right side of the baf support group site...you can also contact ginny tocci the founder of this wonderful site to help with ideas along with information videos/pamphlets...its really great what your doing..and from a survivor i thank you very much..prayers n love coming your way

Hi Caitlin ... Michelle gave you some great ideas...also, check your local Hospital and see if Neurology would be interested in participating ... Good Luck...and Thank~you for everything you are doing to get information out there concerning brain aneurysm's...!

how about fundraising on this website if we all chipped in alittle (or a lot if we could afford it) would maybe be worthwile,count me in if you do

great idea ron..i'm in..

omy i did it again-if you go off your reply midstream you lose it when you return,let's try this again-Great, Caitlin i hope it's do-able,i want to be the first to donate!!let me know.Also the traditional fundraisers are sooo much time & labor I'm sure your well aware.I got away to check where you were from-NJ, were neighbors!! I'm from Pa.!!!-ron

Thank you! That's a great idea, I will see which ones I could attend.

Good idea, thank you. I can start with my fiance's brother's neurologist! I didn't even think of that.

Thank you! :-) I will check out that event.

I think I will try to create a brainstrong fundraising webpage and link it to my page here! That way any donations will go directly to The Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Thank you!

My fiance and I actually lived in PA for 2 years. That's where he passed away, in our home there. I moved back to NJ, where we both grew up, in order to be closer to our families and friends.

yes, warren county

I did create that webpage if anyone would like to donate or even just pass the link along. Thanks everyone! Here's the link. http://bafound.donorpages.com/BRAINPOWER/caitlin041386/

wow your good-i had alittle trouble but finally did it-iwas trying to register & it kept saying incomplete after acouple of tries i saw a huge donate button & that worked-how did i miss that??Good luck & may god bless you & yours-ron ps- you beat me being the first!!-rightfully so!!good job,hope you double your goal!

thank you Ron! you are not the first one to have trouble and to not see the donate button! I've done this type of fundraiser before and it's happened to others so no worries! thanks again! :-)

your welcome Caitlin- how long will the fund raiser last? i think my mistake was to register -it had a lot of questions like donees nname and i couldn't recall but when i found the donate button there were no questions-maybe register is for organizers??thats great you were able to do this & thank-you,about a week ago i was looking to donate !!-best of luck to you & yours