Does anyone know a good remedy for anxiety? I have been struggling with heart palpations and racing to 155 bpm upon standing. I’m i in this boat dr have gotten my heart racing somewht under control with medication. My ekg and sonogram was all normal. I guess that’s why i am so scared about thursday. Being put all the way under for my recoiling and stent.
Can anyone help ease my mind???
Tiffany Davis


I think that being terrified is the norm for this. My only advice would be meditation. If there is a mindfullness center near you or some hospitals even use this technique. I know it's a bit last minute, but if you have any of these resources, it could help. It sure helped me with my headaches.

Does your dr. know about this anxiety? Maybe some meds would be useful at this for anxiety. If not now, when?

Good luck from me and also healing white light. Shelley

Thanks Shelly I am taken meds thanks for suggestions.

Hi Tiffany...You have meds...I find exercise helps me ... walking a few miles...running...if you can't do u have Meditation tapes...??? They can help alot...if all else fails...and I am serious on this if you don't believe in God, I understand...but if you do...Sit in a quiet place and say "the Our Father"...over and over...until your head and heart are clear from anxiety...I am telling works everytime...~ Gotcha in my Prayers ~ because I suffer from Anxiety too...and it "sucks"... Colleen

Yes, I know how you feel when your heartrate is off the chart. Have you heard of adrenaline, this was my problem. Worry and what if, was all I thought about. It gave me a few panic attacks and that gave me a shot of adrenaline, which gave me a racing heart rate. However there is help available for anxiety. I didn't find help from doctors or anxiety medication. My help came the Lord, from my church and an amazing woman named Grace. She teaches a class called road to freedom. What got me to the place of severe anxiety was, about two years ago my world crashed again when a relative died tragically. So I shut down I didn't know how to deal with one more thing. My therapist said my anxiety issues are from one more negative thing weighting me down. She described it like imagining one heavy plate on your head for each trial that comes in our life. Then another thing happens and another and then the weight is unbearable. For me my anxiety turned into Agoraphobia. For the last two years I lost my desire to do anything. I was avoiding everything. Being home became my only scence of comfort. This false scence of comfort was adding to my anxiety. When we avoid doing things because of fear, we are hurting ourselves. God didn't create us to be fearful, or anxious. However we are human and it is easier said than done. My first class was just three months ago and I am getting my life back. I have been taught so much. Mainly to change my negative thinking. Our brain can learn new patterns new ways to cope. We are what we put in to our mind. Prayer is very calming, the Bible says to pray without ceasing. My recovery from anxiety is a process, it wasn't easy. I have more work to do. I will not give up. Life is to precious our friends and family need for us to be well. My advice to you is find a class in you area some churches are skilled in this like mine was. I wish I could teach you what I have learned. I could go on and on but I would run out of room here haha. So just know this you have learned to be anxious but you can unlearn anxiety. I am to the point that when I feel like a panic attack is coming I use prayer, visual, relaxation and breathing tecniques. This helps the adrenaline to subside, then no panic attack. One last point is that if you need medication that is ok too. I carry one ativan with me, but haven't had to use it in over a month. Hope this helps you. God Bless you, Jen

Tiffany...update us on your anxiety...??? You have been in my Thoughts and prayers...~ Colleen

Hey everybody and thanks for the encouragement. I to see a counslor and she has been great. I do take walks and talk to Jesus a lot. I have been taken my meds regular because my counslor explained a lot of things that really made since to me. Your brain and your heart goes hand and hand. So Thanks for the prayers and thoughts for Thursday. I really appreciate them.

I will keep you guys posted as to my wonderful recovery!!!! (I am being Positive)


Good Job Tiffany...~

You have alot of us in your "cheering section"...~

Hi Tiffany, I have the same problem. The only thing that helps me is deep breathing, prayer and meditation. I actually googled meditation and just did it. It actually does work. I will say prayers for you. I know exactly how you feel. I actually started to go for counseling too because I also have a small tumor in my brain..... Just too much to handle...... Just breathe.... google and pray..... I will too. God Bless you, Laurie