Under Pressure

I have anxiety. I have never anxiety until I had my aneurysm last year. I was on Zoloft but it did not help with the anxiety – I was a walking zombie with no feelings. Which was kinda nice until I had NO tears at my Mother’s funeral?!?!

I am just fine in the morning and during the day but come dusk my heart rate goes up and my mind goes racing. I am a devout Christian so I try reading my Bible verses, praying, and journaling - doesn’t help.

My doctor has me on Ambien now but it’s not working. Unless I combine it with so Advil PM and Melatonin – which gives me a morning/all day hang over. I have tried several different natural remedies, a warm bath, no stimulation (noise or TV), no caffeine, tried reading a book. Help?!?!?

Before I go back to my doctor…what do you do or take?

Hi Tina...my concern is Ambien is a sleeping pill...not an anti~anxiety medication...I have suffered from anxiety many years...and it is "work in progress"...but I found exercise, walking, talking to God and hanging on my faith help...Also, I use Xanax (1/2) when my anxiety is really bad...there are daily meds that control anxiety ... such as Zoloft and Paxil...also, it can help to see someone for "talk therapy"...it can do wonders to rid your fears...Unfortunately, usually not one thing helps the anxiety but many things together...~ I wish you the best...because I know anxiety sucks...but eventually we have to "let go" ... and know we have no control...I feel for you...sending hugs out to you ~ Colleen

Hi Tina,

You have anxiety...so why not be prescribed something for the anxiety? Ambien is a sleeping pill....Zoloft is an anti-depressant.

You may want to ask your doctor about getting an anti-anxiety medication prescribed to you--A lot of us here have anxiety--and what your doctor hasn't prescribed you is a Benzodiazepine, which is the type of drug used to treat anxiety as a rule.

Xanax (Alprazolam), Ativan (Lorazepam) Valium (Diazepam) ...Personally i'm on the lowest dose possible for Xanax (0.25) however the drug goes to higher increments. I'll halve one when I'm feeling anxiety, sometimes i'll take one before i go to bed. I wouldn't be concerned about getting addicted, but i'd be concerned that the doctor isn't really treating the problem of your anxiety from what it sounds.

Peace, Janet