Another question re: coiling

Sorry for yet another question. I am on the clipping waiting list. My annie can be treated either way. I chose clipping as the 10% chance of needing another procedure with coiling concerned me. Now I have been told as my hospital is a major trauma unit I could be waiting up to 6 months. I know for a fact coiling would be quicker so now I am considering coiling. Has anyone in there 30's had coiling and had it been successful over a longer period of time?

Hello Fiona , the best way to make this decision is to speak to your nuerosurgeon. Asking if 6 months is too long to wait for a clipping. I have heard that not all coilings are successful. On the other hand clipping is more invasive, but very high rate on fixing the annie for good. I had 2 clippings done and i'm glad they were dealt with.

Timing is what you should ask your Doc, is your main concern. Also age doesn't really make much difference.

Wishing you peace of mind.

Hi Fiona,

I don't think i'd base such a major decision on which procedure will happen sooner then the other one does..I know you'd like this whole thing done and behind you but as long as your surgeon agrees with the clipping and the waiting game that comes with it, then i'd go with the clipping. And as Nikki pointed out, age matters very know the pro's and con's of each procedure as I know you've done plenty of research, so,,.....only you can decide. Peace in having to deal with any of this, I know its anything but easy , Janet