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Sorry I have been MIA. I have been trying to put my annie out of my mind whilst waiting for surgery. I have been waiting for my surgery since Feb now. I am finally on a wait list but it looks like it may just drag out. I opted for clipping for long term security but I think coils I could of had done quicker. Now thinking of coiling. If the coils compact? I think the term is can the annie still rupture. Or does it just need more coils but still have little to no chance of rupture. My fear is if the coils didn't occlude it completely I am still at risk. With two small children any risk scares the life out of me.

Hi Fiona...I am glad you wrote this coils have compacted and not occluded...and I am told a slight amount of blood is feeding the yes...rupture now is a risk...but less because it is a small amount versus before coiling, then a lot of blood was feeding the aneurysm...I go back first of the year (2014) for another that time the surgeons will decide if more coils needed or not...I believe we can cut our risks, by eating right, exercise, no smoking, drink very moderately...and stressing less...~ wishing you a good day and that soon you will be able to have your surgery ~ Colleen

Hi Fiona, I can understand your fear of coiling with the chance of compaction verses the gold standard way of the clipping, but I'm sorry its taking so long to get you in for surgery! Its bad enough to have an aneurysm but then to be put off on a waiting list for the preferred surgery--that really sucks. Have you been hounding the Naurosurgeons office or (not sure how it works there when it comes to these things) is that even a possibilty ?

I was coiled in 2006 and mine compacted three years later, I had no problems at all with the coils until they compacted that is, turned my life upside down at the time as I thought i had another aneurysm on my hands, strangely I had not a clue that I could/would have any problems with my coils since I never noticed any changes or headaches or pain..until one night a sudden pain hit me so hard it dropped me to the floor. As for the fear of a rupture after having the coils, well, I know I was fearful of that and I was told that the compaction resulted in "too much blood in my brain" due to leaking...but it was only the one night that I landed back in the hospital that I felt any pain from it.

I agree with you on the 'long term' clipping to be the surgery I'd want and in my case I was able to forgo more coils and got my aneurysm clipped...hopefully forever 'ending the madness' of waiting for the next shoe to drop....I didn't see that one coming at the time, totally threw me for a loop! Maybe push on and get the Neurosurgeons to act---?? I hope so at least. Let us know!

Peace, Janet

I am assuming your aneurysm has never ruptured. Here are some things to consider based on that. Coiling an aneurysm is less risky and normaly offers a much faster recovery. As little as a few days. Clipping is a much more involved and risky procedure and recovery varies greatly. Both clipped and coiled aneurysms can regrow. But if either one is successfully done, the risk of regrowth and rupture is very low. From everything I have seen, clipping seems a much more permanent solution.

The thing to remember is that once either of these procedures are done, you have to followup with some type of imaging periodically to be sure everything is OK. You are already way ahead of many of us if you have not had a rupture. Whatever you choose will be much easier than what we with ruptures had to deal with. Try not to worry too much and best of luck to you.


There is that “leaking” word again. Just for my clarification, do you mean “leaking” as in your aneurysm ruptured?

Hi Tony,

after having the coils in my brain for three years, the coils compacted and the pain was identical to the pain I experienced with the aneurysm rupture that I suffered in 2006, the aneurysm ruptured, I was 6 week coma...etc...after I was discharged from the hospital in 2007 I ..had no clue that I was to have follow up MRA's /Angiograms in the future..and didn't.

a solid 3 years went by, I'd made a % 100 recovery by this time..then suddenly one night as i was headed to bed, the same intense pain that i recalled from the 2006 aneurysm rupture again hit me hard--dropped me to the floor however I didn't lose consciousness this time, but I honestly thought I had another aneurysm which must've been located in the same region as the aneurysm of 2006, (due to the remembrance of the exacting pain)....

I spent 4 days in the hospital...I had no other pains related to an aneurysm while hospitalized..just that one intense burst of pain that brought me back to the hospital 4 nights prior. This is when I was told by my Neurosurgeon that there was" too much blood" in my scans to determine what exactly had happened with me....he did indicate that my aneurysm which had been coiled in 2006 had 'leaked'...that I didn't seem to have a new aneurysm. He also stated that there was "old blood" found in my scans...(this has always been perplexing to me, and I never did find out what he meant by this).

So that's how the two terms have been interlinked in my case, a rupture in 2006, the same ruptured aneurysm coiled in 2006, the coiled aneurysm found to be leaking blood due to compacted coils in 2010. (and corrected by a clipping in 2010) ..Hope this clarifies things ? Let me know!

hi Fiona, so sorry you are stressing but I understand completely , I don't think coiling would necessarily expedite it quicker, coiling takes almost 2 hours and c;lipping 3 to 5. Hang in there, the fact that it is not an emergency and there is no immediate danger is a good thing! Think positive and think ahead- soon it will be fixed!! Stay off the aneurysm sites and stay with us- we will support you! my coils compacted but no big deal,there was no symptoms no re rupture no further bleeding into the sub arachnoid space

I had a 7 mm aneurysm clipped on my right pericallasol artery and it took him three tries to get it. He popped and drained it so it would never come back. I came home after 2 nights in the hospital with no side effects, other than tired and my handwriting is a little slower.