Angiogram with dye and balloon

I am scheduled to have a pre surgery angiogram next Wed. I am not really knowing what to expect. Will it hurt? Will it be painful afterwards? Does it require recovery time or should I be OK the next day. Any info will be appreciated!
I am scheduled for surgery on Apr. 27. Clipping. My aneurysm is 12mmx18mm and located behind my left eye.

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My 9mm unruptured, but leaking basilar tip annie was coiled on November 30th...It took about 5 hours and I was out with anesthia...I do go back in June for a 6 month angiogram checkup and again they tell me I will be put in twilight so I won't feel a thing...there will be some limitations for a few days because of them going up your artery...but they should give you a list of don'ts...

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Not sure what you are referring to when you say a balloon with a angio. I'm assuming your talking about the everyday angio that pratically everyone here has had. Don't sweat it. It's a very non-evasive procedure I have had many times. Going to the dentist is a far bigger worry. Angio does not hurt. It is rather boring. The only sensation I had was some colourful lights if I closed my eyes when they injected some of the die. Apparently not everyone gets this. Perhaps the most uncomfortable time is when you have to remain still for about 6 hours after procedure. I have always been able to bounce back nicely by the next day max. Everyone is different but IMO the procedure itself is nothing to worry about.

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You are blessed that you have been diagnosed before leak/rupture.

Angio is the gold standard...x-ray type is fleuroscopy...allowing rotational images w/in the arteries. Contrast dye is used to lighten the area for more visible images...There are vague stats on angio results...ask a neuro for the stats that usually are answered ... 2-4% range of some difficulty... Read the BAF web data... view their videos... Also go to the 'net to search for cerebral angiograms and you will find a lot of well as other sites... It is far more difficult to locate angio data than that of MRA, CTA.

The standard consent forms state contrast reaction ...which are more allergy says that radiation doses are very low w/advanced technology... reactions to the dye may include headache, migraine, visual disturbance, skin rashes and nausea...1-5% may have bruising/bleeding @ the femoral artery in the groin.

Recovery times vary for many of us based on overall health, status of our artery walls...etc...the sorta average is apx 4 hours in recovery portion; there is limitation on getting to/from (do not drive yourself) ... and, not exercising, lifting heavy items... time will vary by individual...and, your neuro likely will explain... and give printed instructions... there are averages and we are all individual...

Thank you so much for your answers. I have been told by my Neuro Surgeon that I am one of the lucky few that discover an aneurysm of this size before rupture. I am still in a state of disbelieve over the whole thing. I am trying to feel positive. I was an very active person with a very busy career. I am a control freak. This is so out of my control. I am trying to wrap my head around this new state of being that happened so suddenly. I really appreciate this forum. Talking is not as easy as typing as I am pretty emotional yet. I know I can overcome this. Again…Thank You So Much!

Hi Debra, You are right about the pre-surgery feelings. There is a whirlwind of emotion going through your head. Our situations are very similar. For years, I had headaches and a few other symptoms and so finally the incidental finding. My largest annie was 8mm and had 4 friends. All intact. The surgeon said the same things to me. Scared me speechless and, believe me, that is something. I'm a writer so I usually have words to share. (hehe)

You're right also about this being out of our control. At first, I screamed, cried, paced the hall. When I calmed down and began to look at the basics of the situation, I realized it boiled down to trust. I decided I did trust the surgeon and that allowed me to relax a little; then, because I'm a religious person and I had focused a few of those tantrums at God, I thanked him for causing all this to happen before a rupture. I relaxed more. Finally, I had some hard conversations with my husband about death and living in a less than perfect state and I decided he'd listened well enough and that he would do as I'd instructed. I even left a directive at the hospital and a living will. Obviously, none of them were needed, but it comforted me to know they were in place. That's how I handled my need for control. Hope it gave you some ideas.

During my pre-op, the hospital nurses slipped into the room and gave me hugs and said how lucky I was and that this kind of situation meant I had something left to do and to look for it. The hospital is not associated with a church. They just did that from their hearts. So wonderful. Still brings tears.

I hope you'll share more. What is the treatment plan? If you're too out of it immediately after surgery, please ask your family members to post progress here. We'll want to know.

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Thanks for your comment! I have been keeping a blog.Writing is the only way to stay calm.
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I am hoping to be able to blog from the hospital. Keeps me sane…

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