Angiogram Follow up

So I have my Angiogram follow up this Wednesday (my ruptured aneurysm got coiled 7 month ago) and I am a bit anxious. Can somebody tell me something about this procedure?

Hi Chrissi - I had my follow up angiogram done a few months ago...please believe me when I say that the wait was worse than the procedure. Was admitted and had an IV started, met with my neurosurgeon and the anesthesia department. I was going in with the knowledge that if I needed more coils they would add them right then and there. I was semi-conscious during the procedure...I could follow directions but DID NOT feel a thing. After the procedure you have to lay flat and can't move around but they brought me a sandwich and some soda so it wasn't too bad. I was closed with a mynx device so no pressure was needed on my vessel. Procedure was at 8:30 and I was home by 5:00. My word of advice is to take it easy even if you feel good - I didn't and had a couple complications - nothing serious but could of been avoided. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Hi Chrissi...

Every angiogram for me, they give light sedative so I am awake but feel resting...they do a local anesthesia in my groin and then they go up with wires (as a dye is inserted to light up your arteries...the anticipation is worse then the procedure...because I am a bleed risk they place a mechanism in my groin and I must lay still for 2 hours and then released...Doctor should have your results at that time...if all good they release you. And usually you must rest and keep leg up a lot for a few days...everyone is different...sometimes slight pain in groin that lasts for a couple of weeks...~ Good Luck ~ Keep us posted ~ Colleen

Hi Chrissi,

I've had a coupla' angio's with contrast, and like its been said, the thought and the waiting is worse then the procedure by far. The contrast dye as its flowing thru your arteries up to the brain was the most surreal part, as I recall the dye hitting my cerebral arteries and all I felt was a warm feeling in my head--I associate the whole procedure with Cinnamon for some reason or another--it didn't hurt at all (the most uncomfortable thing was the prongs or whatever they are going into the groin area, but even that wasn't that bad and the pain was over in an instant) it wasn't a lengthy procedure (prep took more time then the actual procedure), and the results will be "in" immediately so at least theres no waiting on that. You'' need to have someone drive you to and from the hospital and you'll have to lie flat on your back for at least 4 hours afterward so they can make sure your entrance wound isn't bleeding and is stable when they release you. All in all, its not bad at all. Peace to you and I hope they find nothing unusual or alarming, and nothing but good healed coils with no surprises! Take care, Janet

hi chrissi! it's true the waiting is the worst part but be relieved that it goes quick- it will be over before you know what happened. I couldn't sleep the night before so I was out like a light when the meds hit, groin was only a little sore for 3 days. Let us know how you do, keeping you in thoughts and prayers~~

Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I probably wont be able to sleep either...will let everyone know how it went.

I have had 4 now with another one right around the corner. It's the unknown that makes you crazy and I didn't know about this site before my first one and I was terrified. You are lucky to have so many to share their thoughts on this with you. For me the first was the worst and the last I was joking around with the techs. The last two I had done on a Friday and was back to work Monday morning.

I think I'd compare it to a root canal, it's nothing I would do if I didn't have to, but it's really not all that bad. If you are feeling real anxious, tell them to take the edge off once the IV is in. I little happy juice added to the IV does wonders. You will do great!

Got my follow up, weird feeling… Was about two hours… Came out good for the fixed one, everything looks good. Unfortunately he saw on the left a weird configuration, which he isnt sure if it is an Aneurysm or another infundibulum. Too small to tell or fix. Needs to be watched.

yaaaa chrissi!!!! glad to hear good news! thanks for the update, take care!

Hey Ron, was thinking about you when he started to talk about the infundibulum…:slight_smile: we just “joked” about this…

Good to hear Chrissi. Will pray that the left thingy is ok. Ron tried to explain the infundibulum to me yesterday and then I scrolled up and tried to figure it out and I was just as lost as him. LOL Maybe sometime you can explain it to me. HAHAHA Not that I will get it and better.

Take Care and God Bless,

~ Carol

It’s basically a little deformation of a blood vessel… It’s a small bulge. Only if that bulge grows they know its an aneurysm. If it doesn’t grow it’s just a deformation , an infundibulum, crazy word I know…:slight_smile: but rather have that than an aneurysm.

Hi CHrissi,

In 1998 when I had my first aneurysm, the Radiologist who did my MRA/contrast had noted in his report that he 'saw something' on the left side of my brain but it wasn't (yet) an aneurysm--8 years later however, whatever he had seen on the MRA had indeed become an aneurysm. So be sure to get your followup angio's in other words! Janet