What's involved in a aniogram

my wife Sue has her first angiogram on the 6th march. Can anybody tell me what is involved in this,only she is getting a bit anxious as she doesn't know what to expect.

Hi again John and sue

I think it’s when they put dye into your blood stream and trace it making sure they can get the coil or other apparatus in when they do the procedure I also go to see the guy on the 6th but what I understand at the moment is when I actually go for the procedure they will do the angiogram and if everything is ok they will Carry on with the coiling if they have any dought about doing the coiling they would stop and refer me back to the head neurosurgeon for clipping I think

It’s good you and sue have found this site it helps me a great deal hope iv answer you correctly but I’m sure there are a lot more people on this site that will know a lot more than me and I’m sure they will answer your question

Thanks again Jimmy

Hi John

I have had three angiograms now ! Two under general anaesthetic and one while I was awake. Tell her they are fine. She will feel a little bit of pressure on her groin, but that is as bad as it gets ! The worst part is getting the sticky plaster off afterwards !! Hope everything goes ok. I live in Yorkshire, but cannot find any suppport groups in the UK. Do you know of any ?

Any questions feel free to ask x

Thanks Jimmy. I'll pass what you said on to Sue, hopefully it might put her mind at rest, your imagination runs away with you when you are walking into something you don't anything about. John

Hi Janet Thanks for replying,sounds like you had a lot of experience, she was worried that they would have to put a wire up into her brain. I have told what you said and she seems a bit happier about it. In answer to your question, the only one i can think of at the moment is a site called behind the gray ,it a patient support group its quite good. Best Wishes John

Hi John

Please tell her that all u actually feel is a slight tickling and maybe a strange metallic taste in your mouth, but the fear of it is much worse than the actual procedure.

Feel free to ask any questions. Give your wife my regards.

Hi William...alot of added some great information ... anxious is normal ... I sometimes think the anxiety of waiting on the angio is worse than the actual procedure...

Keeping you both in my prayers...read your note to me...you sound like my husband ... a wonderful man...

Cyber~thoughts to you both ... Colleen

Hi John: I've read from some on this site that the docs did their angiograms with them awake. I imagine sometimes it's necessary but most are done under twilight drug. I don't remember a thing and only had some pain where they went into the artery afterwards. I would suggest you find out if she'll be awake and if so, why? If no reason, then demand sedation, it's so much better that way. Best wishes to you both, Mitch.

Read Mitch...and I was under anesthia with my first angio because I had my coiling done...now my checkups they give me something to keep me in twilight....

Hi Coleen. Thanks for your kind words, i am overwhelmed by all the great comments and advise everyone has written, it's good to have someone to talk to that understands. best wishes John

Must be nice to be in twilight! Hi, John. I just had my 2nd angio. With both, they gave me a sedative, but I didn't go to sleep. Relaxed, but awake.

Like everyone else said, the most pain you normally feel is when they deaden your groin before cutting it to put in the first tube (sounds worse than it really is - very, very small cut and you don't feel the tube being placed in). The angio takes about 45 min. - after inserting the tube the doctor will tell you to breathe, hold your breath, etc. He also told me when I was going to feel hot from the dye - also not bad. It's finished before you know it. Afterward, I was taken into recovery where they take out the tube (again, it doesn't hurt), then the nurse puts pressure on it for 15 minutes to clot. In all, you have to lie flat on your back afterward for 4 hours so that the clot is not dislodged. Then they let me eat and drink all I wanted, of course, completely parallel.

Don't work for 5 days afterward - stay off her feet as much as possible. The groin will be sore for a few days to a week. They also say not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for a week. A little hint - I usually wear sweats afterward for awhile in that it is uncomfortable to wear undies.

I know, too much description..... but she will be fine. Good luck, let us know how she does. Sherri

I've had 5 in 9 months...in 2 of them I was sedated heavily and 3 of them I was awake. No pain, just weird flashing in your eyes when the dye is shot through the vein. .Recovery is quick too, 2 or 3 days and I had no problems (i did get an infection in the groin area on the 3rd ) other than that is a breeze.


Hi Janet, I have found the site Behind the Gray also, it is good, mostly from the Uk but someone said Headway is also a good place, hope you find things okay I am in Essex let me know if you want a contact number I would be happy to chat to you xx

hi Sherri its Sue here (Johns wife), just been reading your message- was feeling a bit anxious but feel better having read some of the replies - memory is pretty rubbish at the moment so i think i will have to read these every day until i have it done. thanks everyone - sue.

Hi John/ Sue,

Firstly welcome to the site, sure you will find loadsa good advice and stuffs to help you both along your forthcoming journey.

I had my Angio last Nov, this was not my first, but I was not aware of the first as it was done during my coiling surgery last April and to be honest its hard to recall what was involved on the day, not cuz i've lost me memory either, its just it went so smoothly and routinely it doesn't stick in my mind.

But here goes.... I do remember I was soooo nervous before hand, and grumpy as not allowed to eat after midnight the day before. I wasn't sedated but had a little something to relax me, so was aware throughtout the procedure and it really wasn't bad at all. Once transfered to the theatre I was put on a bed, there you are prepped at the groin area if like me, Sue is a little shy, she may want to get herself a bikini wax beforehand, as I think this could have been the worst part of the procedure if I had not been forewarned. I then had the ol head gear and earphones placed on and I think a x-ray machine placed surrounding my head, and told to lie still.

Then in came my surgeon who I was able to hear and respond to throughtout the angiogram. He sat at my side viewing a screen.

I felt a little sting at my groin, where a tiny tube was inserted, felt a little heat as forewarned when the dye administered, saw and kinda felt a few flashing lights where I was told i would feel them and felt a whole heap of relief once it was over. Infact strange as it sounds, my whole angio procedure was somewhat comforting, to feel what I was told I would feel as it was happening. I'm a stickler for direction :)

The lying still afterwards is a little time consuming, but I was still able to eat my lunch, read my book and catch up on a little zzzzzz.

I was told to rest up for a few days afterwards and that I may experience bruising and pain in my groin afterwards. Nothing!!! But I will say that a little pealike lump develops after a few days this is normal...just something I was not told of either time so please expect this and don't worry. I did have a few headhurtys for a few days but I also think that is the norm. Infact as like I first said, nothing major sticks out...kinda boring really :)

Best wishes that all goes as smoothly for you and the results are the best they can be.


Hi Gaynor

Thankyou for your reply - more info as to what to expect, this is brilliant - no one had mentioned the possible pea-like lump - i feel so much better now - forwarned is forarmed.

Thankyou again

Sue (& John)

Hi Sue,

Your more than welcome,

Sooooo glad I remembered to mention the pea - like lump, as that kinda gave me the only worry, the first time around, I did ask my doc, and he said it was prob just the artey knitting back together, made sense!!! so by the second angio I was expecting it and kinda relieved when a week or so later felt the pea like lump. To be honest can't remember anyone else ever mentioning the pea - like lump either, but there again I am a bit of a princess :) hahaha

best Wshes


Well Princess Gaynor, i am hoping i get a pea - like lump, cos i always thought i had royal blood in me. Thanks for all your help Sue