Angio yesterday

I had my first angio yesterday (unruptured). The only thing the Dr. would tell me is that it confirmed my aneurysm. I tried to get him to tell me more after the procedure, but he said he needed to study it to see the best way to treat it.

Now I have to wait until Tuesday to get the results. The angio was not as bad as I thought - the worst was having to lay in one position for 4 hours.

When I first got home, I felt pretty good except for the groin. Today, I can't seem to stay up more than a couple hours before laying back down. Is this because I am not used to not being able to do things or is the fatigue normal after an angio?

Hi Sherri, I have had multiple angiograms. The first two I had I went home and slept most of the day away and the next day I was pretty lazy. I think it depends upon the person and what if any meds were given. But come tomorrow if you are this way it wont hurt to call and ask your doctor.

Thanks, maybe I am just indulging myself. Although, I just remembered that my heart rate was around 47, at the hospital and 2 weeks before at the neuro’s office. Mine is usually in the 60’s. Maybe I should call my doctor’s office tomorrow - could be what is making me so tired.

I have the opinion that docs are here for us and what I use to tell patients when they called , when I was able to work and they questioned if they should of called or not is… There is Never a reason not to pick up the phone and call, without our patients we would have no purpose. We as patients need to advocate for ourselfs cuz if we dont nobody will.

Hi Sherri,

Not had my angio as yet, but have been reading up of late, and it does seem most get a little fatigued the first few days and a little soreness in the groin. What I do know is we are all different and heal or react differently, anything that does not feel the norm to you should be checked out.

Wishing you good results on Tuesday and try to think that whatever the outcome this was the first step you conquered to putting things right.

Thoughts and Best wishes


Hi Sherri,

I've had two angios and after both was extremely fatigued for a couple days. And you are right the worst part is lying still for 4 hours afterwards. It will eventually fade, but if you feel it is more than it should be, then call your doctor! THat's what he is there for!!

Best wishes,


You are right about that! When I was battling bc, fired my first 2 oncologists within a week of each other. You must of been in the medical field (and from the sound of it, very good at it).

I am much better today, thanks!

I have managed to stay awake today for the past 5 hrs, so on the mend. Thanks for letting me know it’s not just me!

Gaynor, did you not have an angio prior to your coil? I am feeling much peppier today - I may only take 1 nap! Whenever my leg bothers me, I put it up for a few (the side they went in is really my upper leg). The only thing I thought of afterward was why did they make me shave so much of my crotch - it's not as if I am going to the beach! Oh, well.

Thanks for the thoughts and wishes!

Hi Sherri…the anticipation is the worse…I must tell you my first angio I didn’t mind … however, I was knocked out and coiled and then placed in coma…but my second…I am here to tell you…the angio was a breeze, but my groin was swollen and hurt for almost a month…yup…fatigue is part…and I think because they go up your major artery…it too must heal for a bit…so rest and more rest…and Have a relaxing Friday evening…~Hugs Colleen~

Hi Sherri,

I had my only ever angio at the same time of coiling. From the MRI/A they knew they would have to do surgery so my surgeon (being a nice man) said he would do it at the same time. So although I have had an angio prior not sure how it felt or if any after effects as I had the 2 for one daily special :) and had a 3 day hospital stay so was all bettered up in the groin area before I was home.

So pleased you are feeling peppier, but not so pleased to hear there is to be crotch shaving.... I too would expect a beach holiday afterwards :)

Rest up for the weekend

Thanks - now I understand why you had nothing to compare to. My surgeon had said that I probably would need a craniotomy, but he would know after the angio if a coiling would work. We shall see…

Yes, I was in the medical field and while Im out of work Im going back to college and working on getting my RN. This way if Im allowed to work again I can work deeper into hte field. Id love to work as a home visiting nurse or as a hospice nurse.


Sorry I can't help with this, I have never had an angio. I do hope that you feel stronger and your annie is taken care of soon. God Bless & Healthy wishes.


Hi Sherri…my groin was swollen and sore for about 2 weeks, I found ice pack to help…just a thought…Gotcha in my Thoughts…Colleen