Is it normal to have fatique after a catheter angiography?

Dear all,

I had diagnostic angiography last Thursday I was fine on Friday when I left the hospital I could not sleep well on the first night at the hospital but can sleep now being at home. Anyway I feel extremely tired and I am having lightheadedness. IN the meantime I also developed a kind of depression I am moody and so pesimistic like I also fear that the aneurysm might rupture before getting treated on the 19th of January when they scheduled me for coiling. Are these thoughts and the fatique normal? I have spoken to a neurologist and he told me fatique and lightheadedness should go away by the end of the week but I would like to get to know your experience after angiography, thank you very much....


I have had extreme fatigue before the diagnosis, after the surgery and now 6 months post op with fatigue. It appears to be very common with everyone on this site. I think that depression causes a lot of the fatigue with the waiting and knowing that it's there. The annie life is just different for a while. I think that I have finally learned how to slow down and not worry as much about other things that go on around me. I have found that I am more patient with waiting and not being in such a hurry to get things done...I don't know if this helped answer your question, but, fatigue is part of the "after life" and found it was part of my life before as well.

Keep us posted on your progress.



Hi Karen,

Many thanks for your response so I am not the only one who feels fatique in the head after the diagnostic angiography. I will be turning 31 at the end of this month I hope I will feel better by then.



I think coz its in the mind it makes u depressed.makes u tired .the pains in
Ur head makes u tired.its hard for evryone waiting but just dont loose hope as v all are going through a tough
Time and only we know as we are the ones going through consuktation is on 13 decmber and hav been told i am the highest priority
So hopefuly will have operation few days later.wil let u all know.hugs to everyone
Thats got this problem.we will get through it!

I have had 2 angiograms so far, one during surgery that I was out with anesthia...and I was drug ~ induced coma afterwards...and in I don't remember too much about it ... and the pain afterwards, because I had pain in many places...

The 2nd angio I had done in June ... I had a mild sedation...was awake, but dreamy land...anyways, I felt pretty good that evening and next day...( except for all the steroids and benadryl I must take to prep for the angio ) .. anyways, by the time I got home I was sick from the dye...and had awful swelling and pain in my groin...actually lasted for 2 weeks...I had to rest and put ice on it...

Hope this helps you out...Colleen

I had an angiogram two weeks prior to my surgery for my unruptured annie, and it drained me physically and emotionally. I was also depressed, moody, short tempered and very emotional during the two weeks in between the test and the surgery. I was on a roller coaster emotionally, and my poor husband never knew which wife he was coming home to at the end of the day! Having an annie is a very stressful thing in and of itself, the worrying about the tests, the chance of rupture, the surgery, etc...What you are experiencing is normal and to be expected, but one word of advice-listen to your body and your brain and if you are tired, rest. And then rest some more. And drink plenty of water, it helps to wash out the dye and helps to restore your energy. I just came through exactly what you are talking about, and here I am two weeks out from surgery feeling fantastic! I am almost back to my pre-surgery self....and am relieved to have it all behind me. I thank God every day for letting me find this thing and fix it before it did me in! Good luck with everything and keep us posted on your progress. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Prayers and ((((HUGS)))) coming your way!


Well said Cici! D the 10 days leading up to my coiling were some of the stressful u ever experienced! However, I believe God wouldn’t have let me find them if he were going to let them rupture before the surgery! Do anything you can to heló yourself relax… As impossible as that sounds- you are in my prayers and thoughts!by the way im only 4 days out of coiling and feeling great!Heather

Hi D,

I have had a few angiograms done. Most were uneventful, just a little fatigue. But I had my follow up angio last week and was in bed for two days afterward with a terrible headache and fatigue, not sure what the difference was. They did use a different IV sedative, so maybe it was a reaction to that, I'm not sure. ( I had two pipeline stents placed in July and angioplasty done in September.) I'm told all is well now, aneurism is gone and stents look good. I do still tire very easily and from what I have read on this site, that is just a normal part of the healing process. I can understand how you're feeling at the stage that you are at, the fear of the unknown and the waiting are hard to deal with. I'm so glad you found this site to help you through it. I didn't find it until months after my procedures were done and it's SO helpful.

Were you referred to a neurologist by your PCP or your surgeon? I'm just asking because I have not been referred to one by either and several people on this site have mentioned them. Just wondering if I should have been referred to one.

Well, take care and try to relax, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Trish,

many thanks for your response and I am glad to hear you are done with the aneurysms and the result is fine. Well my tiredness is in my head I feel I am asleep all day or as if I have not been fully awake I hope this goes away soon. And I am told I had like 50ml of contrast dye injected. I had several injections always at least twice in vertebral artery and both right and left carotid arteries.

I was kept in hospital overnight in neurology department after angiography that is why I could speak to the neurologist. But I was also reffered to a neurologist by my general dr when these aneurysms were found in August.

I hope this helps,

With best wishes

Hi Heather,

Many thanks for your response. I am glad that you feel great after the coiling I hope I will be like you in January after my coiling. It is so nice to have you out there we are far away but we are so nicely bonded. I hope this tiredness in my head goes away soon I do not feel I am fully awake.

Best wishes

Hi Cece,

Many thanks for your response, I am glad your surgery went well and that you are fine. Yes the feeling I had after the angiogram was OK they found it they say it is treatable but why dont they treat it right away . But I was the one who set up the surgery date because I want my family to be with me I am living alone for my studies and my parents are in a different country so we have to have a time in between for Visa issues. Anyway it is great to have you out there although we are far away I feel you by my side.

Best wishes

Hi Colleen,

Thanks a lot for your response, I am sorry to hear you suffered after the angiography. They also gave me H1 H2 blockers which now I read in the prescription that can cause dizziness and depression aswell and they gave me a pill which dissolves in the mouth they said it is a sedative and I also had Heparin shots two days, maybe along with the contrast dye tese also affected me and that is why I am recovering slowly as I say it is not my body that feels tired it is my head I can run if my groin doeas not hurt:) but if you ask my brain it just needs to sleep. Swelling in my groin is not that big it is like a pea sized lump and I believe it is due to AngioSeal they have used. It is great having you out there,

Best wishes

Hi Reena,

Good luck with your consultation I hope you get the earliest day possible. Yes I could also get it done nextweek or following maybe if I was willing to but I asked for another date because I have to arrange Visa for my parents to travel to here and this all stuff takes a lot of time that is why I wanted to keep 1,5 month in between. I have to find ways to relax myself. Wishing you all the best for your appointment please do keep us informed, I also believe we all will get through it my friend!