Angio tomorrow

Yep, and it begins… So tomorrow is my angio, I’m a bit scared… I’d like to know what to expect… Pain, recovery time?? etc… when can I wear my jeans again… :slight_smile:

Most people do really well with the angios in terms of recovery and low levels of discomfort. It's really a quick thing - I was SO scared before my follow up angio (6mos post coiling), but it was really okay. Not that anyone could have told me that ahead of time! I was too stressed. Every person I interacted with was great, and it was nice to recognize what a routine thing this is for's not a big worrisome procedure to them.

I was in "twilight" sedation, but they told me I'd recall nothing, and I recall nothing. I may as well have been under general anesthesia for all I (don't) remember.

I woke pretty easily and was aware of things pretty quickly. They had me up to the bathroom within a couple hours, and home about 3-4 hrs after. I would have left sooner but my BP was really low, so they hydrated me more and elevated my head to try to raise it. I have low-ish BP anyway, so that wasn't any kind of procedure complication. It was amazing how quickly I felt normal. We even stopped at the market on the way home (I stayed in the car) - which was such a normal thing to do.

I was more sore with this angio than with the one from the surgery, and that was highly irritating and not what I'd expected, but the soreness went away, and I'm FINE!!!!!

You will be really happy to have it over with, and I imagine will have a fine experience of the procedure itself. It's the damn stress leading up to it....and what it means/the reason you need it....that's so hard to bear. Be proud of yourself - you are strong, and doing the right thing.

Keep us posted! Best wishes. You may want to smack me for saying it, but you WILL be fine!

LOL.. yes I'll be fine.. :)

The team that's doing my angio is awesome, I've already met them.. I told the "really handsome" doc that's doing it to get me some of the GOOD stuff.. He laughed and said no worries I'll be high as a kite..I Just hope I'm not big of a flirt when I'm all dopped up..

You are so right... The waiting SUCKS.. thank god for ativan..

Hi ya princess or may I call you Warrier tee hee, Sorry can’t advise on just an angio as mine was performed same time as my coiling surgery in April 2011, but I do know that I had absolutely no problems in my groin area where the tubing had been inserted, a little bruising but no soreness what so ever, but the thing that I was not told to expect was the pea size lump that developed a few days later where the tiny incision was made, it didn’t hurt just unexpected, but have later found this is the norm, just not noted, so heads up on that as it was the only thing that worried me.

Best Wishes

Thanks Gaynor… I just can’t wait for it to be over… all of it… :slight_smile:

valium SAVED me!!!

Hello Princess… I’ve had about 13 angios and have never had a problem. There’s usually some bruising around the incision site but, after resting for about 6-8 hours in the hospital you’re on your way home. You’ll be back in your jeans right away!