Allergy to Dilaudid

I went to the ER yesterday for extreme pelvic pain. Before they did the CT they gave me Dilaudid by IV...thankfully the nurse had diluted it in 10cc of water. After 1.5 cc I began to have a henious reaction. The back of my neck was burning hot and stiff. My head felt like it was going to explode. My heart rate escalated. The nurse saw something was wrong and quit feeding it into my IV. Lord - I thought I was a gonner. They told me when I left to make sure I tell people from now on that I have an allergy to Dilaudid. Today I googled it and read somewhere that people who have had brain trauma or tumors should not take Dilaudid. Have any of you heard that? Had a similar experience?

Hi Amy...I am going to look up Dilaudid...I have heard of it, but not sure what it is used for in ER. I found out after my coiling surgery in NICU...I was allergic to Morphine...I am also, allergic to numerous antibiotics (including all penicillin's)...It is an awful experience when allergic to meds, and I understand and feel for you...Please rest and drink lots of water...How is the pelvic pain doing?

And thank you for bringing this to our attention ~ Colleen

Amy ... they wouldn't be able to give to me because I just read it is a It is a derivative of morphine...and I am allergic to morphine...I am still researching about the brain injury...~ Colleen

The pelvic pain has relaxed - I'm sure it was just the same ole same ole with my lower back issues. The CT scan was negative for anything heinous. They told me I was obviously constipated. Basically they told me I was full of ****! Lol

I told the ER PA that I was pretty sure they had given me morphine in the hospital for my brain surgery - and she said some people can tolerate morphine but can't tolerate dilaudid...??

Hi Amy,

I reacted really negative to it at the ER. This was the ER visit that discovered the unruptured aneurysms. Apparently, my family said when they arrived I was really sedated and the nurse kept trying to wake me up. It took 5 hours after "on paper" that the hospital had "released" me before I was cognizant.

My Neurosurgeon told me it is not a drug that they would ever use on patients. So pleased that you came through it. I agree add it to meds that you are allergic to. Yikes!



Can I make you feel a bit better Amy...??? Been there, done that ... Constipation is a terrible pain...Hope you feel better today...LOL

Hi ,

Yes that is definately true. Both drugs are opiate narcotic pain relievers, and both drugs did kill the pain for me yet I cannot tolerate morphine as my blood pressure dips too low plus it makes me quite irritable--yet Dauladid was not a problem for me (Given intraveneously that is--I can't take either drug in pill form, both make me terribly nauseated for hours on end if taken by mouth) ...Same goes for Codeine, Vicodin, Norco, Oxycodone....all are opiates. all kill pain, all make me so ill that i'd rather live with the pain then risk taking them.


They give me dillaudid in the ER all the time for chest pain. I haven't had an issue with it, at all. I sure am glad that you are ok. I hope that you don't have bad pelvic pain like that again. Will have to look up the dangers of Dillaudid.

God Bless,

~ Carol

i have had all sorts of problems with medications since clipping. i would say at a rough guess 25 to 30 of them. at the moment i was recently put on lyrica for pain. it is causing blurred and crossed vision and wierd head sensations. i will cease it and try another. i have also had 25 different types of bp meds. most of them i can only take for 6 months before different effects start to take place. i have found that the gp knows very little about annies. i am at the point where i tell him what my problems are and what i think i need to rectify them. sad isnt it. stay well people.