Follow-up angio today

I had my 3 month follow up angio today. I love my doctor, but I don't think he appreciated the statement I made to him beforehand that I understood he was doing a lobotomy on me instead. At a less stressful time - I asked him jokingly how many people he killed while doing an angiogram and he stated not many. (You got to have humor).

I won't get the results until next week - he was doing 4 today back to back - I just hope that I can get off the Plavix. I did have headaches today when the dyes were going in - some bad enough that they had to give me Fentanyl twice during the procedure and Fioricet afterward. I liked it - slept for 3 of the 4 hours that I had to lay completely flat.

Did anyone else get headaches during their followup angios? I didn't have any problems the first time.



I'm glad to hear that your angio went well. I have had headaches for a year now, I can't really say. Dr. put me out in Dec., my 6 month. I don't remember anything. God Bless and pray that your results are Awesome!


Hi Sherri,

I'm hoping that you get really good news next week.

Thankfully, I didn't have headaches after my angio. My neck bothered me though. Those cradles they use are just too hard.

Take care. I'll be praying for you to get good news.


Sherri, I was always put "out" for mine; have no memory of them.

Hi Sherri...I must prep 24 hours before for allergic reaction...high dose of steroid and benedryll...then go through angio...this last time...I did fairly well for first day...then I still had slight allergic reaction...groin hurt so bad...and had terrible headache...the last angio took me about 2 weeks until I felt better...when I have mine in June...I will tell them what happened...Now rest and heal...and praying you receive good news...Cyber~thoughts and prayers...Colleen

Colleen, my groin really hurt the first time, but I think it was my own fault. I limited what I lifted, but not being on my feet. It must be terrible to be allergic to the dye - I hate taking steroids. My head feels much better today, thanks so much.


Thanks Karen, Carole and Pat. The nurse told me that I might go to sleep when she gave me the med to relax - my doctor had asked them in advance to give me Fentanyl because of the severe hip pain I had after surgery. My headache is much better today. Luckily, Carole, the head cradle and the tape have not bothered my neck.

I breezed through the first angio - so I hope the future ones will be similar. I will find out next week how often I have to have these.

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes - I hope, too, to have good news next week.


I must tell you...I hate the steroids too...but they help...but here is the body actually has a sensitivity to the sometimes I can break out a bit from the steroids even though they are to prevent least it isn't a full~blown attack...

Glad your head feels better sweetie and take care of You...Cyber~hugs Colleen

Hi Sherri I'm so sorry to hear about the headaches. I trust that the results from the angio next week will be good and hope that your hip is getting better? I also have a 3 day headache I feel like barking at something ha ha

Wishing you the best


Hey Sherri,

Here's hoping you get wonderful news next week!

As far as headaches during the angio, I was out cold and don't remember a thing about my angio, but do suffer with migraines since my annie surgery.

Hope all is well with you!


I have never heard of breaking out from steroids? What type do they put you on - prednisone is the only one I have ever taken (maybe this is a dumb question - are there several types?).

My head feels much better - have not had to take anything today for it and the groin is also much better. My hip will cause me problems for a while, but muscle probs are normal for me anyway.

Am I remembering right - you are having your coiling later this month?

Must be nice to be out during the angio - they even have to call in an anesthesiologist when I have a colonoscopy to put me out.

I have just felt pressure in my head lately - was really surprised when the dye caused a lot of pain, which didn't happen the first time. I feel so bad for those of you with migraines - I had those during cancer treatment, but not since then.

Thanks, Sher