Entire system is all jacked!

Hello everyone!

I went for a ct scan on Monday with contrast because I will meet with my neuro again on the 14th of June. Same time I will be put in the hospital in icu to be tested for antibiotics. So I get the ct scan completed then on Tuesday wake up looking like I had spent days out in the sun on my face and a horrible rash on the rest of my body. Due to the fact that there are so many specialists involved in this case I had no idea who to call. I got a hold of my neuro's office, the nurse said you need to get to the ER. She called and I went in. The doctor working in ER happened to be one of the same doctors that worked a couple of weeks on the ward here when I had my horrible antibiotic reaction so it was really really nice not to have to go through this whole story of mine. In the end my nuero wanted to admit me, the infection specialist said that since I wanted to go home so much and if I was not having trouble breating and had recieved cortizon and antihistime I could go home with the understand that if the slighted change for the worst I had to return. In the end my nuero agreed to this.

My system is so jacked that it seems like anything that goes in I react too. Never having problems before with contrast I was a bit shocked to say the least. The way that my life is going nothing suprises me anymore. I spent 6 hours in ER joking around and laughing! I could not help but find the humor in all of it. I said to the doctor who reacts to contrast then said "Oh wait, I do". I busted out laughing...lol

It is too the point that nurses, doctors and everyone else is just amazed at how much BAD LUCK I have with all this. It's nice but also sad when you have nurses telling you that your an inspriation. I would like to be an inspriation for something else not this.

My sister is going for an angio on tomorrow. I live in Sweden she lives in the US, Michigan. She wants her neuro to talk with me afer her angio because she conciders me an expert. Hmmmm I am very happy to talk with him for her and ask the questions she would not think about asking. I however think that I would really like to be an expert at something other then aneurym's, infections, reactions and craniotomy's. So I have decided to try my hand at making a king size patch work quilt. Get this! I don't sew..LOL...I figure this should be really intresting and maybe make me an expert at something else.. :-)

*hugs & Prayer's all around


Hi Kimberley...well you made this lady in the US laugh...you are good at that...<wink>...

I feel for you...like you...I have had many years of reactions esp to antibiotics and hyper~sensitive to meds...no one seems to understand...except one Doctor the that has helped me...sometimes they joke about me in a bubble...use to think it was funny, but not anymore...anyways, if nothing...and you may not be happy about this...but you are the first person...that I found is so much like me...with meds and procedures...

At least, we can pat ourselves on the back...we keep plugging along...

Hahaha...let's see that quilt...

Keep us posted about sister and I will keep her in my prayers...you got my prayers...Big Hugs back at you Colleen

Kimberley...more blessings to you and your sis...

Can you email your sis an easy list of what you have been thru from initial (i.e. did you have rupture?) and, especially reactions to meds...in case there is potential genetic reactions; particularly since you sisters have genetic aneurysms.

I have a lot of med allergies; including iodine and plavix...and, also the loss of absorption of some vitamins/minerals...

Kimberley, have you had autoimmune testing and/or the vitamins/minerals tested?

Hugs and prayers to you,



The major difference between you and I is that you have had reactions for many years, this did not happen to me until I had my third operation. I talked with my aunt in the states who is a nurse, she said that this could last for sometime and even maybe the rest of my life. I thanked her for that bit of information, then said I won't be calling you anymore..lol

No, just joking! I am not sure why this is happening or if this is something that is going to be short term or long term. As many ct scans with contrast that I have had and not once have I reacted to the contrast. Why now? what does this mean?

My biggest concern is what is going to happen during the 4th operation in August. Better yet what is going to happen when they try these antibiotics on me. Oh well guess I am just going to have to wait and see.

I feel for you sweetie. I know now how frustrating it can be but your right we have to just keep plugging along.



Hey Pat,

I have sent a list to my sister which I think confussed her even more. I did not have a rupture.

I will speak to her doctor about my reactions and ask that they keep a close eye on her. I have not been tested for anything but will speak to the infection specialist and my neuro when I am admitted for these antibiotic allergy tests. I find this all a bit strange since I have never had problems before. I also want to find out all the dangers of taking too much cortizone and antihistime since I have had so much of it in the last 2½ months. I hope all is good with you.



Your Aunt is so right...ie., I always ate shell fish...a few years back...I turned into a fish after eating shrimp...ended up in ER with bad, bad reaction...almost died...I thought eventually it would change...they told me "noway"...never can I eat again...

When I am ready to be the "lady in the bubble" (hubby jokes about putting me in one)...I will invite you over...hahaha...! A little humor...

You got my prayers Kimberley...

Hugs Colleen

Oh cool Colleen I can bring my own bubble..hehe..Would make for an intresting visit I believe..Hehe

Actually thinking about it could be sorta fun for a bit rolling around in bubbles..LOL

backatcha with the prayers!!

Kimberley: I feel so bad for you with all these complications. I love that you have retained your sense of humor. Beautiful dogs by the way. I know my dogs really help me get through tough times, they're a blessing. I wish you a successful and speedy recovery. Why did you have to have your aneurysm clipped? Where was it? I just have one they're watching and have my 6mo tests next month, kinda nervous. Best wishes to you and thanks for making me laugh.


Thx...I can seldom remember who had what (rupture/non-rupture, clip or coil) ...but, hey, it's a challenge for me to remember what I did today...

I am so glad you will talk w/your sister's neuro...so pleased, delighted, you have neuros who are taking you to this next step of antib testing; that does not always happen...likely too frequently... Did you ever take antibs before you had annie treatment i.e. to make the comparison?

Can you send the names of the specific cortizones and antihistamines? Perhaps others of us can help you...No , we likely have no expertise, but we may have experiences...



Mitch...thanks for letting us know you have your six months f/up...will you have an angiogram or CTA or MRA?



Hi Pat, I don't even know what test they'll do yet. When I had the CTA, it showed I had 2 annie's. Then doc wanted the full angiogram that confirmed(?) only 1. I won't know until they contact me next month. I hope it's not an angiogram. The CTA is so much easier huh? I have to have a modified CTA because I don't have 2 kidneys but it seemed to work I guess. What periodic tests do you have?