All is well

Hey everyone,
i went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. He showed me the inside of brain, I got to see Blobbo up close, and the clip. Pretty wild. my head was pretty red but then I remembered I had just had my haircut and getting my head massage while washing it brought all of the nerves and things to the surface of my daughter Riley. We were having a numb head still feels kind of strange. Not that I would want to drop anything on it to test that theory.
I’m sorry if I have sounded negative, I guess it’s just that I’ve spent a lot of time alone and didn’t know where to go with my feelings in general. Also, I am bipolar and this has kind of freaked havoc on my moods. One minute I am depressed, and then the next minute I go into OCD and neurosis. Im not sleeping and I think that affects my think ing. Clouds things.
Anyway, thank you for listening. :heart:


Hey Abby,
From my experience, none of what you have expressed has been of serious concern, in fact, I’d say it’s been all pretty normal. Like I said “Me? I was up, I was down, I was sideways, my mind was all over the place”. Add to that a bit of OCD, a lack of sleep and you’re own self expectations… …I can’t think why you’re emotional (JOKE).

Acceptance (and I mean full acceptance) takes time. We have to work through it all and others may think that’s easy. It isn’t. I don’t care what anybody says, coming to the grips with the reality of what has occurred is a BIG thing. This is why I keep saying to members “Don’t just take the time your mind thinks. Take the time your body needs.”

Merl from the Modsupport Team


Yay for a clean bill! That’s really good news. It’s okay to share your feelings here, that’s what we are all about. Personally, I was worried about you. Going down the rabbit hole of negativity isn’t good for anyone. I was just getting frustrated with myself on what to suggest you could try, we really never know if someone tries the things we suggest unless they tell us.

If I was in Seattle, we could have a cup of coffee and a nice chat. I have wondered if there was a correlation of the medication you take for your bipolar disorder and your craniotomy as both may effect your neurotransmitters. I bet a psychiatrist would know.

I’d also tell you in our chat, to rest up this weekend. Monday is going to be a busy, hectic day. Take a couple of protein bars or drinks with you, I imagine you’ll need them.

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Congratulations to the good news!
Now you just have to remember that you cannot rush through your recovery. The surgery is over and now you have to face the outside world, one step at a time. It might be one step forward and two steps back. Don’t give up! Rest and recover! Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck with everything


Thank you, I am a tough cookie I will make it. That which does not kill us makes us stronger :blush:


Hi @Abbycat70
How was your first day at work? Better or worse than you expected?

YAY!!! Super Happy for you.

As far as the Bipolar moods, and I’m only speaking for myself, but my moods certainly haven’t gone back to normal since my rupture, “Damn It “

Have a wonderful day.


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I am so tired. we had this in service in the cafeteria and people were talking loudly in these microphones and it was reverberating off the walls, and my head did not appreciate that at all. I went back to my classroom and did work because I just couldn’t deal with the noise.

Pretty Amazibg fior 6 weeks

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Better view

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Try using some type of ear plugs, I like my IsoTunes Pro. It takes the higher pitch out of noise but I can still hear people talking.