Hello bad mood

hello everyone,hope everyone had a good turkey day.just in a bad mood my head is killing me and noone ever wants to hear it.have bronchitis and sore throat,and my head hurts so much i cant stand it.does it ever get better almost a year now,just got papers for medcaid because the year is almost up its 20 pages long and i dont feel like doing it my head hurts to much they want to know about the doctors, i only have the one because noone around here will take the insurance so i have to drive two hrs awayone from west palm called today and will see me after almost a year waiting still 2 hrs away.havent had any rehab look like a stuffed pig gained so much weight from meds just pissed off at the world want my head to stop hurting.some morning wake up and say why am i here? for what?bad bad mood sorry just venting

Hope you feel better soon. Everyone deserves lots of room to be in bad moods! Take care,

do you have an anny that hasnt ruptured? hope things start looking up for ya…hopefully once u see tge dr and get something to help for the headaches you’ll feel better…i guess everyone has a down day…do you have any family or friends yiu can talk to…God has you here for a reason so dont give up…you have a purpose…God bless

I think you are floating in the same boat that all of us have done and still do. I hope you are feeling better Linda and vent away, thats what we’re here for!

I don’t know if you can go through what we’ve gone through and not vent some times. It’s difficult and people don’t understand. You don’t have a visible disability so they think you should be just fine. I think some people even start to believe that we are just making it up. They say it’s all in our head, which ironically, it is but not in the way they intend it to mean. It’s very frustrating.

To me everyone has days they need to vent- a lot of this is unneeded stress- his is what is stressful. The doctors say to avoid stress in these circumstances, but between insurance company and doctors-they have it so the stress cannot be avoided. I say set it back- they want paid so it is not going anywhere (wish the bills would), until you feel better and then tackle it. I understand the drive, I drive 3 hours to my doctor-but he is well worth it. If it wasn’t for my doctor I would be a basket case. I have gained weight to because of the fatigue (other injuries) and my back (I was in a car accident a month before they found the annie). Weight gain does not help anything-but just look at it as while it is snowing (if it is there as it is here) and winter try healing from the inside and when spring gets here begin light exercise.