Thank you eveyone!

Its true! Im not crazy and Im not making up new health issues everyother day. Wow to know its normal to feel ok one day and hit by a truck another iswonderful. How about family and friends visits get shorter and shorter when they see your having a tough day. Im told stop cleaning, stop doing everythimg you normally do yet they dont seem to pick up the vaccuum , a broom, bring a meal or bla bla bla. My heart test came back good! No heart attack they now are saying gull bladder and stomach. Will know Thursday what the Dr would like to do with me this week.

This is life journey like so many of you have said. Im so greatful Dr Tinn took the time to find this websight. All of you have helped me so much.

I am so glad Sharon you didn't have a Heart attack...stomach and gall bladder are not fun either...will keep you close to my thoughts ... and remember..."day at a time"...those who love you, will understand, and those who donot...well ... they can just "kiss off"...hope that made you smile...Wishing you today is a better day ~ Colleen

Than you Colleen. Its true you do find out who is really there for you. I think I lost a sister over all this. Breaks my heart. I just dont have it in me to work on our issues. i know if I just do what she says and get rid of my boyfriend all would be fine. Not going to happen. I see the a very good Dr at 11 am to see if they are going to remove my gall bladder and fix what ever is wrong with my stomach. That issue I have had for years. Just worse now of coarse. Another fever today. Do you have any ideas what to do with all the unpaid bills? Im so scared. i do speak to all of them and they are understanding and they would like to be paid as they should be. I have cut back on all I can. Wonder about a fund raiser? Sorry this is long thinking aloud I THINK. tHANK YOU

let the state pay them.

colleen i agree.