9 Jan 2023 new members!

I get excited when we have new members to welcome. To me it’s like playing a game with one of our dogs where we hide a toy and tell her to go find it. When she finds it and brings it back, we get excited, clap our hands and say “you found it”! She loves this game during the winter or any rainy day. So I’m clapping my hands and saying “you found us”!

@Futurerobot88 has joined us from Tennessee and is waiting to see a Neurosurgeon. Andrea had an MRA due to pulsatile tinnitus and the Radiologist found a small aneurysm along with a narrowing of a vein in her brain. She says 2x2=4 and I need to counter that with my first day in Algebra back in high school wrote on the board 2(0) x 2(0)=0 :joy::crazy_face:. I had forgotten that first lesson thanks for the recall Andrea!

Next up is @Jmw in Ontario Canada. Jo had a rupture on 12 Sep 2022 and was treated with a craniotomy and clipping. She has some recognizable symptoms to us - no appetite, nausea and occasional dizziness. She doesn’t know when she will be able to return to work, drive or have more energy. She also has three children -a teenager, a college student and one who’s married with children. I’m sure she’s got a lot of questions…and maybe needs to vent.

@karly has already created her first post! You can find it here Ruptured Aneurysm/SAH Before 30— Would Love Advice/Stories - #2 by Moltroub. She’s experienced a SAH in November 2022 and loves art, design, history and current events! Please help her out by responding to her topic.

@Lynn5 rounds this week up. Lynn is from Scotland. Lynn also ruptured and was treated with coils and stent.

We have one person who hasn’t checked their email or maybe their junk folder. Please remember to do this if you’re reading the welcome page.

That’s it for this week y’all. Remember I’m excited, clapping my hands and saying “You found us!” Welcome aboard!